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Carrion Maggot

Carrion Maggot

 346Carrion MaggotFungus ForestInsect31-66 (27)(1-2) 1 Food (#99) 
Ever wonder why you never find tons of rotting creature carcasses all over the island? I mean, you kill 'em all the time and you can go back a day later and find nothing. The answer is the Carrion Maggot, the larvae of the Giant Spladder Moth. Okay, so maggots are flies and moths make caterpillars but this thing is so gross that it deserves to be called a maggot. It is slimey and smelly and not for anyone with a weak stomach.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest1110 in 88


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North---3 (0.9)5 (1.4)10 (2)18
Central---1 (0.3)5 (1.4)10 (1.7)16
South----4 (1.3)11 (2.1)15


Unknown Sticks Sand and Palms Swamp Jungle Low Hills High Jungle Crystal Hills High Hills Sea Wasteland Total

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