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Captured Creatures

Captured Creatures

Captured Creatures
Okay, so you've captured your first Creature. Now, what do you plan on doing with it? Examine it closely (and carefully too). Does it look like something you'd like to ride? Then try training it as a mount. Does it look nasty enough to put at the bottom of a deep pit and attack any other Monster who happens to fall in? Does it look good or evil enough to try and sacrifice to one of the Gods? You may only have one Captured Creature at a time. If you decided to free it, issue the RELEASE CONTROL order: RC. If you decide to kill it, issue the KILL CAPTURE order: KC. Neither takes any Action Pts.
Capture Notes

When choosing what Creature you want to attempt to CAPTURE, avoid choosing Creatures that are either large or difficult to handle, especially early on. More than half the Creatures you can encounter are uncapturable. Of the rest, only a few are easily captured; the others require some special trap or method.

You may be on the lookout to CAPTURE only one Creature at a time.

You may have only one captured Creature at a time.

If you wish to stop trying to capture a particular Creature and do not want to choose a new one to capture, specify '0' for Creature#.

Revised Capture Creature Order
In correction to the Rule Book, the order for CAPTURE CREATURE was revised on the 8th January 2001, to "CC." All other information about this order is the same. The change necessary to eliminate a database conflict so that Monster island can continue with its planned expansion. Repeat: CAPTURE CREATURE IS NOW "CC."

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