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Brass Ring

Brass Ring

 192Brass Ring0Far Inn

CB: 20 - 44

Mine ShaftRing   
The most common adornment for Trolls is the simple Brass Ring. Neither beautiful nor craftily made, it is a sign of kinship for all trolls of all races. If you manage to kill a troll, which is unlikely, you may come into posession of one. Given the bad history between many troll species and Jossmen, you can usually collect a bounty at the local Far Inn for each Brass Ring you have.

Available From

Xubaar's Xubaar'sCB39
Ximsip's Ximsip'sCB34
Xuktar's Xuktar'sCB32
Xeklud's Xeklud'sCB25
Xogynx's Xogynx'sCB43
Xuxmux's Xuxmux'sCB40
Xubear's Xubear'sCB33
Xozmir's Xozmir'sCB34
Xabrew's Xabrew'sCB32
Xydnox's Xydnox'sCB41
Xoxmox's Xoxmox'sCB31
Xelnix's Xelnix'sCB20
Xuxerb's Xuxerb'sCB38
Xazaku's Xazaku'sCB41
Xaxnar's Xaxnar'sCB39
Xixxil's Xixxil'sCB21
Xamadu's Xamadu'sCB44
Xixmar's Xixmar'sCB42
Xylmix's Xylmix'sCB31
Xamfir's Xamfir'sCB20

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Mine Shaft Mine Shaft1027 in 263

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