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Blood Thorn

Blood Thorn

 356Blood ThornFungus ForestPlant55-422 (22)(2-3) 0-3 Blood Thorn(#242)  
A deceptively peaceful looking vine, the Blood Thorn is in fact one of the most ravenous creatures on the Island. Each plant has a central core from which 7-12 tendrils spread out. Each tendril is covered with small berries and... hundreds of sharp hollow thorns. Any creature approaching the Blood Thorn is quickly wrapped up and pierced by the thorny vines. As the thorns pierce the victim, they rapidly fill with the victim's blood. The Blood Thorn is typically found in overgrown areas where it can blend in with other plants in the area.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest2422 in 91

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