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Black Lotus Tar

Black Lotus Tar

 460Black Lotus Tar2 Makable Items Vessel (65) 6 Black Lotus Leaf (#17), 4 Oil (#22), 1 Somanda Dust (#23), 1 Tar Sac (#229)  Voodoo Blade Venom
Shingle Poison is nice but it doesn't tend to last very long, thereby minimizing your potential for really doing some consistent damage. Fortunately, there are better ways of attacking your foe. One of the better ones is Black Lotus Tar. To make it, you must combine six Black Lotus Leaves, one Tar Sac, and a Somanda Dust in a suitable cauldron with 4 oil and cook it for 65 AP. When done, you will have a nasty black tar-like substance that, when smeared on a weapon, will result in greater damage. It will last about three months and is effective against creatures and monsters. To equip it you must issue the U 460 Order. You cannot un-equip Black Lotus Tar from a weapon but you can add it to any weapon you may equip. Staying dormant will not extend the life of you Black Lotus Tar.

Available From

Mugdugbilbug's Mugdugbilbug'sTV 3350
Brigmugbugdil's Brigmugbugdil'sTV 3350
Grumdimdunmuk's Grumdimdunmuk'sTV 3350
Kilmugrumbug's Kilmugrumbug'sTV 3350

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