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Beak Axe

Beak Axe

 453Beak Axe2 Makable Items Knife (45) 1 Toad Leather (#198), 1 Walraphant Tusk (#227), 1 Axebeak Beak (#233) EdgedClass 4   
So you find yourself with an Axe Beak Beak and you wonder how to make it into a weapon? It'll take one Axe Beak Beak, one Toad Leather and one Walraphant Tusk. Begin by hammering the Axe Beak Beak onto the Walraphant Tusk (you don't want it to come off) and tie it with strips of Toad Leather (this means you will need a knife to make this item). This will cost you 45 Action Pts and will give you a very unusual Damage Class 4 Edged weapon. You can carry two of these.

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