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Armour Wax

Armour Wax

 464Armour Wax20 Makable Items Vessel (21) 30 Ballyhoo Scale (#127), 2 Oil (#22), 2 Waxed Ooze (#105)  Voodoo Increases Armour strength
Turtle Shell is an age-old way of making weak armor strong and making strong armor even stronger. To make an application, just cook up 2 Waxed Ooze, 30 Ballyhoo Scales, and 2 Oil in a Voodoo Cauldron. By cooking it for 21 AP, the Ballyhoo Scales will dissolve into the waxed Ooze. Use the M 464 Order to make one. To use it, issue the U 464 Order. You will apply one application to your skin and armor and get much better protection in battle If an opponent is strong enough, you will need to re-apply after battle You can carry up to 20 of these.

Available From

Kilmugrumbug's Kilmugrumbug'sTV 2250

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