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Antlered Helm

Antlered Helm

 458Antlered Helm2 Makable Items (12) 1 Squzskin Helmet (#49), 2 Cat Antlers (#207) HelmetClass 1   
If you are new to the island and wish to set yourself apart from the waterlogged masses, then this is the fashion statement for you. Take your tired, ugly old Squzskin Helm and carefully cut a couple of holes in it slightly higher then your ears. Through these holes, insert the base of your Cat Antlers and, Voila! You have a bitchin' Antlered Helm that is so cool as to be hot. Best thing is it only takes 12 Action Points to achieve. Unfortunately it does not provide any better protection to your cabeza, but good looks are more important than safety on Monster Island. You can carry two of these awesome helms.

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