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Ancient War Sword

Ancient War Sword

 479Ancient War Sword1  EdgedClass 7  Fuvah TalismanFuvah
At first glance this is an old, battered blade that no warrior would ever willingly carry into battle. The wise Monster quickly overcomes his initial impression to note the finely sharpened edge and the solid well-wrapped pommel. This is the sword of a battle-hardened warrior. It is not designed for show, but was intended to serve faithfully in battle. Its edge never dulls and the plain leather-wrapped pommel pulls the sweat from the palm. This sword seems to respond to thought alone as it anticipates the needs of its warrior. The Ancient War Sword is the perfect fit for a follower of the Warrior God - Fuvah. It is a Damage Class 7 Edged Weapon. It can only be equipped by followers of Fuvah. This blade is somehow tied to secret Fuvah religious ceremonies. You can carry one.

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