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Amulet of Protection

Amulet of Protection

 266Amulet of Protection1Far Inn


 AmuletClass 4  Adds 4 to armour class when worn
Marvelous little magical device, the AMULET OF PROTECTION. How it works is probably beyond your understanding, it just works. If somebody tries to whack you with a rock, it slows it down. If somebody tries to smash you with a Hammer, it softens the blow. If someone tries to cut you with a knife, get the picture. when equipped, this lovely little trinket gives an additional armor class protection of 4, Its beautifully scripted gold emblem was manufactured by fine Zoingot craftsmen in days of yore. Because of its strong magical properties, you can only safely carry one of these.

Available From

Xaxnar's Xaxnar'sTK 4335
Xogynx's Xogynx'sTK 2335

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