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Acorn Heart

Acorn Heart

 61Acorn Heart4Far Post

Makable Items Shingle Tree (4)    Makeable Items Shingle Poison (#62) 
The Shingle tree grows wild in the Jungle. It is rather rare and difficult to find. Its bark resembles layers of shingles rising up the trunk. Few branches can be found on the trunk.Only at the top is a cluster of leaf-covered branches. From time to time a giant shingle acorn will drop to the ground. If you issue the MAKE order: M 61 after finding a Shingle Tree you will pend 4 Action Pts and pry apart the acorn shell. You can then remove the Acorn Heart from within. If the acorn has spent much time lying on the ground the heart will have rotted away and be useless to you. You may carry up to 4 Acorn Hearts, a Voodoo ingredient.

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