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Last updated on 10-Jan-2020

Welcome to the home of Bad Company, the toughest Group on the UK's Monster Island. Find out all about just about everything in the game.

Hey, I just went through BC's Web page and was very impressed. I love to see players who spend so much time working on Monster Island. Well Done.

TMP, Jr.

...Ed Webb's site is so thoroughly researched and has so much information that it is an excellent advertisement for the game and a tremendous help for new players ... I think it's worth rewarding a player who keeps their site up to date and puts so much effort into it. Take a look, it might make you take another look at Monster Island.

KJC Newsletter 20

Latest News

10-Jan-2020 - Bad News was broken by a hosting company migration. Most is now fixed but the map still doesn't (something wrong with executing PHP code I think).

04-Sep-2019 - Thanks to Both Dave and Craig who have both sent in Blurbs for the Coloured Iron Armour and the Weapons of Doom.

12-May-2019 - Thanks to Craig who is mercilessly metamorphing his mount into one creature after another in the name of science and to Dave for discovering the existence of the Pike of Doom.

14-Mar-2019 - Honestly can't remember what this update contains. I added stuff in months ago and didn't have time to finish off and upload till now.

09-Dec-2018 - Catching up on mapping and other info. Craig has found that the Erratic Smoke Bottle can give you Grapplegoat, Bolotamus, Wild Boar, Pummel Bear, and Baugwink mounts and a new Dream Location in the Crystal Hills. Dave has supplied the Blurbs for Silver Lotus Elixir and King's Sword.

19-May-2018 - Big update today. I have finally waded through several hundred turns sent to me by Gareth Maley and added their details to the site - thanks very much for letting me use your turns. Craig has also just supplied the blurb for the Throwing Spear

03-Feb-2018 - More mapping added for Northern Zargnoth. I've also finally added the Catapult of Doom (thanks Craig) and removed a rogue Far Post that turned out to be a Tomb of Mummi (thanks Dave).

07-Jul-2017 - A bit more map added of the Northern Zargnoth coast to the west of the river. As Baddu-Bac found a second Dream Location while doing so I though I'd better spend some time on adding some detail about them. They're now listed on the page along with their co-ordinates and what you need to get in to them. This is shown on the map too as a tool-tip. Thanks to Dave Stanton for the Blue Iron Gauntlets blurb.

04-Mar-2017 - More mapping added. Another 600 squares worth.

20-Jul-2016 - Update to the map. Catching up on about 50 turns from Baddu-Bac and mapping of the South coast of the Z by Flemming Willumsen.

20-Jan-2016 - My previous hosting company finally pulled their name servers. The site is back on a new host but I have lost everyone's username and password for the on-line map. If you want access restored please let me know.

03-Jan-2016 - A new version of the Java Island Mapper including compare map functionality. Happy "Washed Ashore" day to Baddu-Bac!

17-Jul-2015 - Tony sent me quite a lot of stuff most of which I've not managed to deal with yet but I have added Ximsip and Xydnox's Towers, redid the Where's This Location? page and tidied up some of the layout of the site.

27-May-2015 - Some new creatures and places to visit.

27-Apr-2015 - Added Java Island Mapper.

09-Mar-2015 - Thanks to Tony Austin for finding a copy of his MI Mapper program. This is now available for download in the Archive. I've added a kln file of the map that you can download and import into the program (I couldn't get the Bad News download option to work). Thanks to Tony, Michael Lawrie and Ron Bond for their additions to the map.

23-Dec-2014 - Merry "Whatever Passes as Christmas on Monster Island". Craig Young has found a rather sickly looking Bloating Cheesmo (#372).

03-Aug-2014 - Baddu-Bac has made it past 1000 turns! Thanks for a bit of mapping to Tom Cooper.

05-Jan-2014 - Some more items thanks to Craig: Dark Throwing Star, Dark Lance and Bori Logs.

30-Jul-2013 - Added some new items thanks to Craig Young. Run Stone (#273), Gold Ring (#271) (yes another one) and Marble Mallet (#275). Also found Trolgrim (#379) on my Reference Sheet but no idea what it is.

08-Jul-2013 - Loaded Baddu-Bac's turns 938-968. He has had better luck at the Bodden Camp using Battle Dexterity and Enchant Weapon. Still hasn't snagged a PigIron Helm though.

01-Dec-2012 - I've been fixing errors in my database and loading Baddu-Bac's turns 911 to 937. He's spent the last dozen turns raiding a Bodden Camp without much success.

21-Jul-2012 - I have finally scanned and processed all my paper turns in to the computer. That is 1655 turns worth of data on the site for you all.

05-Feb-2012 - Still wading through turns. I've now completed Magnus Groan's turns. Baddu-Bac is trying to gather creature parts to make some of the more odd items of weaponry and armour. Not helped by a map that show creatures that are not there. Thanks to Craig Young for the Golems and other new Items.

03-Jan-2012 - I have now been playing Monster Island for 20 years; just over half my life. Baddu-Bac is close to 900 turns old but still hasn't seen everything on the Island. He spent 15 turns travelling back to the Westlands to see a Survey Logpost and is discovering things via the Polymorph Object spell. Also finished processing Titus Groan and Wyrmbreath's turns. Finally the distribution maps now show locations in the US and UK Island in different colours (see Temple map for an example).

29-Oct-2011 - As promised last month I have now processed 200 of Baddu-Bac's turns. Most of which were spent delving into a Voodoo Workshop and bestowing treasures so he could make it to Priesthood.

11-Sep-2011 - Tidied up the map pages. I've rewritten the interactive map to work with or without javascript so now there is only one version for everyone. I've also written a program that can extract data from emailed turns so hopefully there'll be updated information coming soon.

12-Sep-2010 - Added a page for Talismans and Treasures.

12-Apr-2007 - Continuing my US/UK work I'm sure many of you will be pleased to know that you can now view the online map in UK or US mode. Hopefully I've got everything in the right place (Thanks to the lists at the Fire Riders site and Mark O'English's WayBacked site. Please let me know if anything is out of place or out of date and I'll update it.

01-Apr-2007 - Today is the beginning of a new era for Bad News. Since the splitting of the UK Island from the US the different development teams have been making the two Islands more and more different. I have finally got round to marking those things that only appear on one or other Island. You'll now see a little UK flag for the KJC Island only things and a tiny US flag for the AG Island only things. If any (especially American) players can add any Item, Plant, Location, Spell or Creature to the list (and any Blurbs that go with them) I'd be grateful. Thanks for the first batch go to Josh, Jerry and Miles.

20-Mar-2007 - With the renewed interest in the game I finally feel motivated enough to update the site. There are now about 2000 more squares on the map (and a pile of turns half and inch thick waiting to be entered), two new Locations (of which little is currently known) and a couple more Blurbs (thanks Tony).

05-Mar-2006 - Exciting addition for those of you who are good enough to send in your maps to me. You can now find out Where's My Nearest?. This nifty feature allows you to find out how far away you are from any Creature, Plant or Location on the Island. Along with the new Interactive Map (requires a modern browser and Javascript) there's now no excuse for being lost on the Island.

22-Dec-2005 - Deck the Hidey-Holes with boughs of Kongo-Mongo! A whole year has gone by just like that but finally I've found a couple of hours to add some more information to the site. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

24-Jan-2005 - Yes I'm still here. Just been incredibly busy and to be honest I did lose interest in MI about half way through last year. However Bad Company now has lots of new players - thanks Fyrball, Cassius, Groumf and Rudronroo not to mention a sneaky transfer from another group (so I won't mention him!) KJC look to be about ready with their new code in place to add new things to the game. At least Bad Company can finally complete that Tower we've been working on for months. We also rebuilt and sanctified another Temple in South Gwardon too.
I'd also like to thank all those who have been contributing maps - we've managed to fill in several holes already!

04-Aug-2004 - Still trying to shut down the Tripod site - nothing seems to work there anymore (sigh). I have managed to find a driver that will work my scanner with Windows 2000 so hopefully I can continue scanning MIAB.

05-Jun-2004 - I've finally bought myself a domain name and some web space. I'm moving the entire site from Tripod to its own home at There'll be no more annoying pop-up ads!

02-May-2004 - Good news for Bad Company is that we have a couple of new monsters about to be initiated into the Brotherhood. I'll welcome them officially next month. In other news KJC have decided to develop Monster Island themselves rather than take updates from the Adventure Guild. It remains to be seen if they can do half as good a job as the TMP's have done - certainly any bugs (or unimplemented features) you notice in the game you'll have to let KJC know about. Thirdly Bad Company should have completed their fifth Tower by the time you read this. I would say well done team but in fact it was all done by me!

10-Apr-2004 - Happy Easter Islanders. Like all good corporations I've re-branded and changed the look of the site. Hope you like the new colour scheme. (Tough if you don't!).

05-Apr-2004 - ABM is gone, the Adventure Guild is here. TMP Jr and Keith have triumphed and are back up and running It's a Crime and Monster Island for the USA. Come join Bad Company - we are looking for new recruits. All applicants will be considered.

03-Feb-2004 - As many of you have heard, Adventures By Mail has decided to close down their games. They laid off Keith LeBlanc and ended running turns on January 30, 2004. Things looked bleak for a while until TMP Jr and Keith entered into negotiations to take on the games themselves. Even more promising when you consider what TMP Jr is planning. I quote:

I have been working on adding a new region east of the Zargnoth. I've already got a number of new terrain types, three new dark places, one updated and completed existing dark place, quests, and over 125 new creatures in place. I've also got plans for new monster races, new quests, new religious structures and new items. I think the new region will add at least 250 new blurbs to the game.

...drool. on the web site front: those who have access to the on-line map can now also view a distribution map for any creature, plant or location in the game. Just visit the blurb page for the thing you're interested in and above the distribution table click the "View Distribution Map" link. The squares where your item can be found are marked in red. The distribution maps are fully linked into the on-line map for your easy viewing pleasure.

03-Jan-2004 - Twelve years ago today Baddu-Bac washed up on the Western shore of Monster Island. He knew the place was big but after all this time he has still to hold every item, meet every creature and learn every spell. This is not a small game. This is not a game you can get bored playing IF you set your goals and have ambitions for your monster. There is always something for him to do. Find a better piece of armour, explore a new dark place, improve his weapon skills, follow a new god. Thanks to all those who make the game possible especially TMP and TMP Jr who have kept giving us new things to do faster than we can do them (most of the time!) and for all the players out there. If you weren't there it'd be a empty place - you all make the game worth playing.

02-Nov-2003 - Apologies for the appearance of this site for the last month or so. There is an error with the tripod banner ads which had screwed up the rendering of my pages.

04-Oct-2003 - At last! Message in a Bottle is set to return. Time to slag the other Groups off, make up some funny blurbs and brag about how you're the toughest, muscliest, baddest on the Island. Oh yeah and I'm now in charge of Bad Company.

10-Sep-2003 - A little late this month. I've recently had broadband installed at home so have spent more time surfing than working! Has anyone heard from Alec Bateman in the last couple of months? Please let me know!

e-mail me at with any news, suggestions and comments.

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