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Bad Company Special Report 4

Bad Company Special Report Four

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READ THIS CAREFULLY! Right, that's it! Over the last few days I've had trouble from at least 3 Brothers. One's resigned, another refuses to do what he's supposed to be doing and the other isn't saying anything! This situation is really beginning to bug me. What we are supposed to be doing has been outlined on BCG17 and BCG18/18a. The situation can't continue as Bad Company can only suffer. 2nd Platoon is already suffering an might not be capable of completing The Holy Mission assigned to it.

The specifics of the situation revolve around me disagreeing with the way Captain Montin, Captian Baddu-Bac and now Colonel Midg are operating. We can argue who's right and who's wrong until we're all blue in the face. Nothing's going to change as a result. As far as I'm concerned there seems to be two directions Brothers think Bad Company should be going. It's pointless to risk Bad Company's future because several Brothers can't agree. Someone's got to make a decision, and it's going to be me (though possibly for the last time). Bad Company can only have one leader!

This is the first Special Report seen in a long time. For those of you that haven't seen one before, it meany you get to vote. A rare event under my Leadership, but this is the chance to get revenge or show your loyalty. This Special Report is even more Special in the snse that you can't Abstain. You must make a decision one way or the other. If you can't then flip a coin. It's also an exercise to see exactly which Brothers are active - If there's no response then you'll be taken off the BCBn and BCUn.

Note a couple of things. First, do not be afraid of the consequences of your vote. Nothing you say resulting from this Special Report will be held against you in any way. If I win I'll bear no grudge against the opposition (bar demotion, etc, of the Brothers who've aggrivated the situation). And if I lose I'll expect all Brothers who're loyal to me to follow the new Leadership. Second you can have as many votes as you have Brothers in Bad Company. If you run 2 Brothers then you get 2 votes. Third, Prospects can vote since they're going to have to live with the situation.

Basically, It's been put to me that most of Bad Company is loyal to certain other Brothers rather than myself. And I've got to know one way or the other. Curiosity? If this is so then I'm not spending my time pushing reports on behalf of another Leader - he can do it!

For the purposes of this vote you can either vote For me or Against me as Leader. You can't Abstain. Usually what happens is that most Brothers Abstain from voting, with an absolute minority getting their way because they bothered to vote. This problem is too important to leave in the hands of a few Brothers - everybody must vote. Not doing so means removal from BCBn, BCUn and essentially no Reports of any description. And BE HONEST! You're going to have to operate under the system you vote for, so vote for the one you REALLY want.

FOR: This means that you're loyal to me. If you vote For you decide to follow me and ALL decisions I make. I'm not going onto what I can do, etc, as most of you know the score by now. Suffice to say, think about what Bad Company is and who got us here.

AGAINST: This means that you're against me as Leader - or side with any of the above 3 Brothers (it doesn't matter which). If you vote Against then I'll leave it up to the above 3 Brothers to decide who the new Leader will be. To be honest you'll probably see a more democratic system come into being if you vote Against. The above Brothers are perfectly capable of running Bad Company to some degree - so you don't need to worry that Bad Company will collapse. Additionally, you'll probably find that they are far more likely to communicate than me. As most of you know, once I've issued a General Report Brothers are usually left to get on with it unless I decide things are going wrong. If communication is what you want then go Against.

THE RESULT: Tricky. There are three ways this can go, although you only get to vote for two of them.

If it goes For then I'll continue as Leader and dispense Justice as I see fit on Brothers that don't cooperate

If it goes Against then I'll disappear and leave it up to the above three Brothers to run Bad Company. If they think they can do a better job then who am I to disagree? In the event I lose then I'll play no further part in Bad Company whatsoever. And since most of you haven't received Reports or Maps for 6 months you won't be missing much, eh?

There is another option. In the event that the Resulting votes are both over 8 Brothers a side, then I'll talk to KJC about splitting Bad Company. Those who are For will stay Bad Company - after all, I designed it. Those who are Against will become a new Group. Now I don't KNOW that we can do this, and if we can't we'll ignore this option. I think there a good chance as all it involves is changing certain parameters on Brothers files. Group Number, Group Name and Totems, etc.

KJC are usually quite receptive to any reasonable idea Players come up with. Just recently KJC have written to ABM about stuff I sent them, so I know they'll not simply ignore it if we ask them. And if 8 Brothers aren't happy with Bad Company and want out then I see no reason why they moght not make the change apart from technical difficulties I can't predict.

So! Decision time! Write down your voe clearly on a bit of paper (or in a letter - but make sure it can't be misinterpreted) and send it to me at the address on BCG19. Don't post it here. I can't really ask that Brothers do this by return of post as some Brothers have a Turnaround of over a week. So take a while to think and ask either me or the Brothers above questions if you need to. But make sure that your vote gets to me by January 1st 1994. DO NOT send your vote to any other Brother but me. I mean, you can send it to another Brother, but make sure I get an original letter from you - votes I receive from other Brothers on your behalf won't count.

Remember, abstaining or casting no vote means you don't remain on the Bad Company Lists (if I remain Leader).

Another unusual aspect of this Special Report is that ALL Brothers can vote. No Offence has been committed (yet) so no Brothers are prohibited from voting. And don't forget that two Brothers means two votes. Active Brothers of course.

So I'll assume the situation as it stands is 1 For and 3 Against.

Last word - in the interests of Bad Company as a whole keep these Holy Missions running. Don't slack because of this. I still lead Bad Company at least until 1st January and all Brothers should respect that. Afterwards, who knows? Don't use this as an excuse to ignore the Holy Missions or BCGNs - follow them! We're not long until this situation is resolved one way of the other.

Last word II - BCSR4 will be written and posted back to you as soon as possible after 1st January. I have to name Brothers and the way they voted on BCSR4 else I'll no doubt be accused of rigging it. I can't see another option.

So digest the above. Write a couple of letters of necessary, and vote! Bad Company is in your hands...

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