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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Three Point Six

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BCG 3.6     17-Jan-2005

Bad Company General Report

Happy New Year Brothers. I hope you all had a nice break but are now
all ready for some serious monstering!

Rudronroo and Cassius are both now initiated and progressing nicely
thanks to the equipment passed on to them. Cassius is planning to
rid the island of another Knolltir clan while waiting to become an

Good news is that KJC have just announced that there are some more
Wizards ready to be called back to Towers. I expect to Wizardize
our latest tower in a week's time.

Cassius' Temple will hopefully soon be complete with a Guardian. 
Baddu-Bac has recently pulled one out of a Voodoo Workshop and 
will, as soon as he reaches civilization again attempt to pass it
on to Cassius so he can bestow it into its rightful place.

We have another new member joining us. Vlad Zin Shadowson
formerly of the MLF has defected from his group and wishes to join
Bad Company. Well it's taken many years but finally he has seen the
light. This means that another Tower will now be owned by a Bad
Company member. Vlad Zin is an extremely powerful Monster and will
I am sure be a great asset and at the forefront of Zargnoth activities.

Richard Vine will also be taking charge of Titus Groan. He has only
limited connectivity to the internet so I expect to remain the main
point of contact for all players.

The immediate plan is to get 6 Monsters to the Tower site to call a
wizard. Shadowborn has headed down South to initiate Vlad Zin and the
two of them will then return immediately to the Tower site which will
mean that the group will not have to wait for Baddu-Bac who is
currently several turns away from anywhere. Baddu-Bac will liase with
Cassius to work out the best way to get the Guardian Statue into the
new Temple.

I am still working on including all the mapping data I have been sent
recently into the online map. I will, after writing this, give it my
top priority and will do my best to get the site updated this month.
Looking at it I see I haven't done anything since August which is very

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