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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Three Point Five

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BCG 3.5     03-Dec-2004

Bad Company General Report

Welcome all new Brothers to the Bad Company General Report. This is
the first issue since the beginning of the year. At last it is worth 
my while rabbiting on about Bad Company to more people than just 

After an excellent recruitment drive Bad Company now has (or is about
to have) four new Brothers. Fyrball, Cassius, Groumf and Rudronroo.
Titus would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all officially
to the group. Hopefully the equipment that has been transferred to you
will help you out with all those pesky creatures out there. Hopefully
this will bring the number of players in the group to seven! Still a
long way off the heyday when we could boast 20 or more but much healthier
than just me!

I am still waiting for KJC to complete their bug fixing and feature
completing and extra adding. After a brief trip to Gwardon (see below) 
four of the elder monsters are now back at the latest Tower site, Titus 
and Baddu-Bac will return when KJC have finished to call the Wizard.

Cassius has proved himself to be a true asset to the Brotherhood by
locating a Temple ruin that was able to be rebuilt and sanctified 
to Fuvah. Titus, Baddu-Bac, Wysdumb, Wyrmbreath, Magnus and Karl 
Shadowborn teleported in to the nearest Temple and hiked across
country to join him in the rebuild and ceremony of sanctification.
This is the first Temple rebuild for the Brother hood in a long time
and made the older monsters feel quite nostalgic!

This is, as best as I know the list of Active Brothers:

Ed Webb
Titus Groan
Karl Shadowborn
Magnus Groan

Tony Austin
Screaming Mad Morris

Zeb Sneddon
Tarrasque the Mutant

Frank Mainwaring

Damian Fontaine

Harald Hoecht

Ged Gray

So what are you going to do now you are all initiated? A good plan is
to head East, use the online map to find and investigate as many new
places as you can. Loot 'n' Vandelize anything you can, explore those
dark places and you will quickly improve your arms and armour. Buy all
the knowledge you can from the Far Inns along the way and most importantly
work your way towards Disciplehood. Eventually you will be strong enough 
to brave the trip over the Crystal Hills into Zargnoth where danger and
riches await you in equal proportion. Whatever your plans let me know
and keep the stats and maps coming in!

I have had a limited correspondence with Richard Vine. He is the
founder of Bad Company and the original player of Titus Groan.
I think I can persuade him to rejoin Monster Island and play Titus

Next General Report will be released in the new year so have a Happy Christmas!

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