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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Three Point Four

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BCG 3.4     03-Feb-2004

Bad Company General Report

If you've been keeping half an eye on the AdventuresByMail website
you'll know of some alarming and saddening news. Keith LeBlanc who
runs Monster Island in the USA has been laid off by Camelot and
will no longer be running PBM games more on this below.
Once again I'm getting further behind with entering my turns into
the database. I've now got a stack about an inch thick thanks to
my Christmas present of Uru - Ages Beyond Myst and free access to
the on-line portion of the game. I'll try and give the Island more 
attention this month, starting with the new distribution maps for
Creatures, Plants and Locations. Above the Distribution Table there
is now a link to "View Distribution Map" which will show you
graphically where these things are located on the island with a
click through to the on-line map. Handy eh - well at least I'll
be able to find where I left all those Towers now.

We're doing OK I think. I haven't heard from Tony for a while. If 
you're out there drop me a line just to reassure us you're still 
there. My Monsters are hitting Loggerhead Camps, visiting Towers,
exploring Sunken Graveyards and Baddu-Bac is busy transferring the
Talismans into the Temple. Montin is gathering the required cash to
get the Xanxu Construct and Call Wizard blurbs. With a bit of luck 
we should be looking at the next Tower in a couple of months.
A new prospect called Fyrball has made it to Neophyte status in the
service of Fuvah. I am intending to send a Monster back west to
initiate him as soon as he gets close to a Temple. I am getting at
least a couple of requests a month for access to the on-line map.
Maybe some of these will convert into new Brothers.

Talking of Towers I've arranged a Tower access trade with Eternal 
Void. They will gain access to Xixmar's (390) and we will get access
to Xamfir's (395)

Number of rooms: 13
Tower Assistent: Beowulf    Staff consist of: 4 Normans.
Defenses are: Top Notch         Building is: Like New

*TOWER STAY  - 1 ocular extra if you have a mount*
TI 7: Get 7 Oculars
TI 5: Pay 12 Oculars
TI 3: Pay 29 Oculars
TI 1: Pay 75 Oculars

*TOWER TELEPORT*   (TT)   100 Oculars

P (item) (qty)  Black Voodoo Items = Poor, Temple Treasures=Great

P1: Jade Snake Ring 45 oc               P2: Ancient Iron Spike 325 oc
P3: Dragon Flagon 257 oc                P4: Silver Plated Armor 90 oc
P5: Great Tomk Necklace 125 Oc 

TX7: Ripen Plant 235 oc
TX8: Magic Knife 300 oc

TX2: Scarab of Strenght 375 oc
TX4: Elixer of Lethargy 150 oc
TX6: Wizard Magic 25 oc

CB: Brass Ring 20 oc, Brass Amulet 34 oc, Blackstone Ring 31 oc

The good thing is that all the Knowledge and Spells from this Tower
have been programmed so start saving those Oculars!

They also reckon that they have nearly completed work on another
Tower so that may leave only one for us to rebuild. We can't hang
around for too long or else we may miss out.

USA Monster Island
Keith LeBlanc was laid off last Friday from Camelot. Initially he 
intended to run the PBM games from home and make it his full time
job. However due to the conditions Camelot placed on the licencing
of the games he cannot manage to make a viable career out of it.
This is bad news for all the American Monsters - really bad. It is
also bad for KJC and for us. All the development was being done by
a couple of programmers - The Mystery Programmer (TMP) and TMP Jr
for nothing as a favour to Keith. If he's no longer around then it
is unlikely that any more work on new features will be carried out
by these guys. This is a big shame, firstly because there were rumours
of a new area beyond the Crystal Hills being worked on just as
Keith announced his redundancy and secondly because I remember the last 
time monsters hit the Crystal Hills and had done everyting there was to
do. Players get bored and drop out if there is a lack of new things. It 
is too soon to know for sure what's going to happen but we need to 
make sure someone is assigned to programming new features into the 

KJC have confirmed that they have the licence to run Monster Island
in the EU in perpetuity so the demise of the US game, while distressing
will not affect the running of the game here.

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