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Bad Company General Report 29

Bad Company General Report Twenty-Nine

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Temple Vi has been Sanctified by Warrior Sverilix. Good show! All Brothers should now make directly for Site VII at (148, 51). It will not take long. Indeed, the plan is to rebuild Site VII in conjunction with The Cats, but since they started on it a while ago they may well have Sanctified before we get there. Which will be soon, eh Brothers?

In fact while I am on the subject of Temple Sanctification I will take the time to outline The Holy Missions. General Wysdumb recently told me some Brothers were dubious about his instructions to head for Site VII?! All Brothers should already know roughly what they are supposed to be doing without the need for a BCGn after every Sanctification. Besides, if a General says we are doing something then that is what we are doing unless I say different. But just in case some Brothers have forgotten I will go over it again.

First we rebuild (or visit) Site VII at (148,51). Brothers at the front end of The Holy Missions will get to visit The Cat's Temple I at (119,62) - but you'll have to speak to General Wysdumb about this as he is responsible for the Holy Missions after Temple VII is Sanctified. Then we rebuild and Sanctify another Site at (118,14), Finally we visit LOC I at (93,-21) to complete our circuit of ten Temples. As you can see we are almost done.

:( Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II retired - a sad loss (the second Brother). His Monster is now controlled by Midg...

:( Captain Ugolino retired - another blow as this widely respected veteran leaves. He was the third Brother.

:| Prospect Otaner retired

:) Warrior Wingerath is back with us! His name has changed (Warrior Drak?) and he is run by Colonel Montin.

:) Sergeant Tarrasque is also restored - now run by General Wysdumb.

:) Warrion O'Malley is another Brother back with us, also restored by General Wysdumb.

:) Warrior A Flax is yet another revived Brother, restored as Warrior Duff by Sergeant Hafnor.

:) Warrior Shadowborn is restored, this time by Captain Konstantin.

It seems to me that Bad Company is turning over Brothers at an alarming rate. Now there is nothing we can do to stop Brothers retiring - after all, three years is a long time to play. But there is nothing to stop other Brothers taking over. The expense can get a bit much if you run several Brothers, but on the other hand it is a good opportunity for Prospects to get in on the action without the hassle of extensive travel and effort building up an experienced Brother. Think about it.

If you are interested in taking over dropouts then contact KJC as soon as possible. Brothers I assume are inactive are Smegley (?), Claws (?), Mazter, B Bowels, Bob and Ernie. If you can get your hands on Ugolino I would if I were you. Just think of how many Make Up turns you get with an inactive Brother. Naturally there is nothing to stop you asking KJC about other inactive Monsters, not just the Brothers. Colonel Montin wrote to say that if you are interested in Bob or Mazter then contact him on [REMOVED] or write. It is first come, first served, and there is no additional cost other than for the Brother's Turns. If you want Ugolino (or other Monsters) I suggest you contact both parties....

If you meet any Monsters that look like they could do with a goal in life then tell them to get in touch with Captian Konstantin, The Scout. He is Mark Simmons, [REMOVED].

I do believe we have no foreign Brothers - for the first time in our history! Talking of History, contact Colonel Montin, The Scribe, if you have anything to add to the Bad Company History (BCHn), or indeed to obtain a copy. He is Gareth B Farrow, [REMOVED]. Colonel Montin also keeps track of the Honours Brothers have managed to obtain (if any). In fact he also compiles a list of all known Monsters together with Numbers, allegiances, etc. Send details of all Monsters you know about to him - excluding Brothers of course.

Colonel Baddu-Bac is out Speaker. (Ed Webb, [REMOVED]). Get in touch with him if you have anything to report about other groups - sightings, rumours, etc. General Wysdumb (Mark Phillipson, [REMOVED]) is out Keeper - so if you have anything to swap such as Weapons, Armour or Scrolls, contact him. Or else he will suck out your eyeballs and fry them in earwax.

And I am the Soothsayer. If you have any other information then send it to me. For example, maps, Creature/Plant Lists, new Items, etc. (Richard Vine, [REMOVED]). The more astute Brothers will have noticed that this General Report is once again printed instead of my usual scrawl. Oh yes. All the old Reports are about to become available again, so if you want any or have any ideas about new ones get in touch. I will also keep track of which Brothers ask for what, so if you ask for a Report not yet avaialbe you will get it. Sooner or later...

BCMNns: These are our maps. Only those who send information in will receive.

BCCLns/BCPLns: Creature and Plant Lists. Likewise, only those who send will get.

BCIn: This is out Intelligence Report. It gives you information on many aspects of the Island. Structures, Religions, etc.

BCEn: The Equipment List. Every known Item along with how to make/use it is described herein.

BCBn: The Bad Company Brotherhood is a list of all Brothers along with their addresses and other information.

It is going to take me a while to get them all together again so be patient. BCB27 is the only report currently available. Got a BCIn or The Code? Send me the latest issue you posess. You will get it back plus the update. More soon.

Now, about our future. There probably will not be any more Sanctifications after this series of Holy Missions are complete. Hell, we have been working in Temples for years! And in retrospect far too long. It seems that the average lifespan on The Island is only some three years. Do you remember The Code? Bad Company were a bunch of fanatics willing to die for The Cause and their Bretheren. Any Brother could start a fight for any reason whatsoever and knew he posessed the approval of his comrades. How many of you remember that? Not many unless you are General T Groan, Captain Smegley, Captain Ugolino, Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II, Sergeant Zivak, Warrior Midg, Warrior Flax, Warrior Baddu-Bac, Warrior Shadowborn, Warrior Mazter, Warrior Malachor or Warrior Tarrasque. Now only one Brother besides myself can remember the Ceremony of Strength.

It seems that our collective philosophy has changed over the years. Many Brothers are preoccupied with Temple rebuilding, others do as little as possible - most keep their heads down. We have become known as the Gentle Giant! This is all well and good - the plan to become neutral to all 'Siders in order to Sanctify first and fight later has served its purpose well. We have achieved more in the ways of power than any other group. And despite the fact that virtually no original Brothers will get to see the results of this policy, we are holding our numbers well.

So what am I getting at? Things are about to change. Upon visiting out tenth Temple Bad Company will morph back to its original state. The First Holy Crusade will begin. I can not yet reveal what our target will be through a BCGn in the interest of security. But if you contact me personally I will discuss it with you further.

However there are some things I can tell you about Holy Crusade I. It will be a massacre - total carnage. A true slugfest. With the information we currently posess I calculate that we must destroy about sixty Monsters. I expect some ten Brothers to participate in The Holy Crusade, so we can safely say the odds are stacked against us. Due to the nature of The Holy Crusade it will not be mandatory. Brothers wishing to contribute must be selected by myself. I will be looking for very advanced Brothers. But if you have got your heart set on participating yet are inexperienced then I will not prevent you. But know that even the most advanced Brothers should expect to die by the sword.

After we visit LOC I we must split up. Obviously all Brothers engaged on The Crusade will co-ordinate ther efforts. But the remainder of Bad Company must spread out over the entire Island on order that Prospects may be gotten more easily. Essentially this means that if you are not involved in The Crusade you will be free to go where you want.

Now some Brothers may be concerned by the prospect which will soon face them. The best advice I can give you if you do not wish to fight is run away as fast as you can. I can by no means guarantee any Brother's safety regardless of whether you are involved or not. On the one hand I might say stay near our Temples in case you die. But some might say stay near our Temples and you will die. But I have given you enough to think about for now. For Fuvah's sake keep your wits about you and your sword sharp. Death or glory, eh lads? That's the ticket.

Swabber & Swoopstake, MARSHAL T GROAN

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