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Bad Company General Report 20

Bad Company General Report Twenty-One

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Listen up Brothers - this requires your undivided attention. A sequence of events have been devised that will affect all Brothers - make sure you play a part in them! I'll deal with the reasons later, but here they are;

We will put another 5 Temples up within the next 40 odd Turns. Their locations are (167,17) (another near Spigot Red's) (194,31) (154,-67) & (182,-67). As you know 1st Platoon are rebuilding (167,17) and 2nd Platoon are searching for the one near Spigot Red's. Each Brother involved will get the chance to visit the other Platoon's Temple and the Far Structures nearby. But The Site at (194,31) is too good to pass up. Both Platoons should manage to arrive there at pretty much the same time as they loop round the Far Structures - and whack it up as a Company Mission. Then Brothers can visit The Temple rebuilt by the other Platoon. We'll then have 4 Temples.

The above might get complicated, but what happens next will almost certainly get complicated. I originally planned for both Platoons to immediately head for the final two Temples on (x,-67). But given the fact that some Brothers haven't yet visited the first Temple - that seems a tad unfair. At this point Units will be discarded and Bad Company will split into two groups. All Brothers who've not been to the first Temple can return, and similarly to others they've not visited.

I'll lead a group heading South towards The Jolly Ogre to Rebuild The Site near there, and then West to (154,-67) to rebuild that. Then we'll have 6 Temples.

There will be a problem for various Brothers who for whatever reason have not managed to visit all 4 Temples before I head towards The Jolly Ogre. If you are an Acolyte at this point then you won't be in a good position to participate in The Holy Crusade so help rebuild all Temples - you'll be able to return at your leisure.

If you are a Disciple, the same applies unless you intend involving yourself in The Holy Crusade. There is a time limit here. I'll try and work the future route near The Dark Eagle's Nest before the assault - there are Hillocks around there where we can get Shadow Swords. So don't worry about the original Temple, just keep rebuilding. If you miss others yet still want to be involved in The Crusade then talk to me about it - we'll have to work something out. But remember, if you don't intend joining The Crusade then help rebuild all Temples as you can return later.

Note that if you intend being part of The Holy Crusade then you MUST be travelling with me when I get to The Jolly Ogre - otherwise you'll miss it.

This is going to be one hell of a slog - so why bother? We're going to have to rebuild all these Temples sooner or later. If we do the whole lot at once then we get it out of the way so we can involve ourselves with interesting stuff. I know most Brothers would prefer to be fighting rather than rebuilding. But a real Slugfest can only occur when you've got nothing else to worry about and you're free to follow the enemy wherever they go. And Power from many Temples is crucial!

Once we have these 6 Temples then there will be no further need for mandatory Missions or mandatory Units. Missions (even rebuilding the odd Temple) will become voluntary unless something major is required for Priests or similar. Brothers will be able to go their own way and do their own thing when and how they want to do it. Those Brothers that want to band together in Units for Missions can. Those that want to explore alone can. Those that want to visit Temples they missed can. And those that want to belt other Groups can! Do your best to help Bad Company rebuild these 5 Temples. It's unlikely you'll be asked to do anything else after they're finished, so help in their construction.

Possibly the only way to prove to The Island that Fuvah reigns supreme is to decimate another Group. A demonstration so to speak. Brothers in Bad Company will have the Religious Power and Spells to aid them in The Cause. And lots of time!

Also consider the Prospects. The 6 Temples will attract new Brothers. Furthermore they are arranged in a loop so a Prospect has only to travel along this route in order to advance himself incredibly quickly. Most acceptable.

Since these are the last mandatory Missions ALL Brothers are expected to contribute. Not just partially - totally. Each Brother not doing his job makes it that little bit harder for the rest of us. Only 5 Ruins stand between us and Glory!

Incidentally, there is a bonus worth mentioning (apart from 2nd Level Spells, more Spell Points and stuff from Far Structures). After each Sanctification you get your Health maximized. Thus it's good policy to drain your Health down to 25% before any Sanctification (if possible) as you'll get it all back.

The Holy Crusade will take place after these Missions are complete. We target Void. The worst possible thing imaginable is that Void find out what we're up to. Keep all Temple Ruin locations WITHIN Bad Company! Never reveal them. If one is taken by another Group then we waste time finding a replacement. I've issued a public apology to Void in MIAB. Don't be misled! This is in order to quieten things down until The Crusade is assembled. Don't insult either Void or THoS through MIAB any more - keep a low profile. We don't want them panicking and rebuilding Temples (possibly ours) like there's no tomorrow! Let it be a surprise.....

In order to promote The Cause a new type of Brother will be created just before The Holy Crusade. Henceforth there will be Brothers and Knights. To qualify as a Knight a Brother must be heavily armed and armoured, possess mighty Spells and play a critical role in Holy Missions and The Crusade. I'll elaborate nearer the time.

Alliance! Bad Company are now Allied to Kabuki's Legion of The North (748), Blinding Dawn (746) and The White Knights of Kabuki (710). Make sure you put these Groups on your No Attack List. We will almost certainly be mingling in the future if only to fight alongside some of them. Also put HS (716) and Void (740) on your No Attack List. We don't want any more accidental incidents, only the premeditated!

If you want Far Structure listings then ask me for them in a letter. If anyone finds out the code for Advanced Stealth at The Blazing Arrowhead then let me know.

Sgt HMG II asked me for phone numbers - send 'em in to speed up communication. Talking about communication I still haven't got many Messages or Trade Items yet! You can have a damned good BCGn if you want - but it's entirely up to you to make it work! Don't forget to keep me informed of map updates and Mission progress! My address is Tadpole Cottage, Eardisland, Herefordshire. HR6 9AR. Phone (0544) 388329.

POST ALLOCATIONS: Sgt Wysdumb is now The Speaker. War Bob is now The Scout.

MESSAGE: Col Midg; Do you have a second Monster?? Follow Shroud?? In Central Gwardon/Jagged Mor join Shroud's Chaos Knights. Don't mind if you run a Light Monster. Just drop me a letter and I'll give more info on the Group. [His address is on BCBn - or phone 0522 689238].

TRADE: Sgt Claws requires Swamppus Rake - must be in good condition.

TRADE: Cpt Montin requires Large Iron Shield, even damaged. Will swap for Iron Gauntlets or something else. [Shouldn't that be and something else?] He also needs Yellow Lotus elixir - though he'll supply the ingredients. [Note that if you got (mysteriously) Yelled Out on a particular Turn some time ago, chances are it was a bug. KJC will fix it - they did for me.]

FIND: Sgt Wysdumb found a Thermadon Rex!

PLATOONS: Whichever Platoon you're in always keep your UC informed of your whereabouts and intention. This is critical for Holy Mission success.

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