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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Two Point Five

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Here's what happened on the final leg of Holy Crusade II;

10.06.98 O'Malley storms the BKoS Fort at (180, -20) and attacks a Darksider Disciple, Gog Hammerhand (BKoS) and wins (91 - 59). Gog Hammerhand flees but O'Malley fails to take the Fort! Note that Gog Hammerhand is run by Stephen Biggs...Entry by Titus Groan. 10.06.98 Arix Svensvenazuk storms the BKoS Fort and attacks Gog Hammerhand (BKoS) and wins (101 - 3). Gog Hammerhand dies and Svensvenazuk wins not only a Black Cross, but the first Company Standard for avenging the death of Smegley. Though Svensvenazuk fails to take the Fort! Note that since O'Malley was instrumental in the death of Gog Hammerhand, he is also awarded The Company Standard. Entry by Titus Groan. 08.07.98 O'Malley storms the BKoS Fort but finds it empty. This becomes BC Fort VI and O'Malley earns a Black Star. Entry by Titus Groan.

Congratulations! We see O'Malley and Svensvenazuk take The Company Standard (the second highest Honour a Brother can receive), for avenging the death of Smegley. This is the first time such an award has been made! Some of the older Brothers will realise it ties up perhaps the only outstanding loose end we had. To date, no Monster has pulled a fast one on us and lived. Actions like this increase our notoriety - so don't forget to put it in Tombstone!


We've managed to get a couple of new Brothers recently, but we need more. Use every opportunity you can to try and get us more members. The more Brothers in the group, the easier things become for all of us. The reason I'm harping on about this now is because I've just had KJC parse the group for inactivity. The following Brothers are up for grabs;

No#AgeToughMuscBadnssStealthMstlnsBlrbsCrt KdMst BAPsYell
9891d* 67/155 166 23497 28 1248 217 305 20 210 134
9356a 70/261 188 173 136 27 1025 198 182 19 212 57
4816d 92/227 208 184 106 63 1142 249 197 14 242 67
3300d 94/228 176 182 94 48 1074 203 126 40 224 167
8721d 94/228 186 215 90 65 1254 245 194 50 233 170
3177a 121/266 214 275 86 67 1192 207 171 28 249 86
5552d 179/253 229 431 128 137 1946 309 449 53 298 159
5902d* 234/273 262 599 148 146 2359 327 584 76 341 161

a - Acolyte,

d - Disciple,

* - Not immediately available,

  • 9891 Very good all-round Brother. Very high Creatures Killed for age.
  • 9356 Very good all-round Brother, though not yet a Disciple and low Yell (Yelled Out).
  • 4816 Good all-round Brother, though Yell is low.
  • 3300 Average Brother. High Yell for age and has good SPs.
  • 8721 Good all-round Brother. High Yell for age and has good SPs.
  • 3177 Below average Brother. Low Yell, low Edged and still an Acolyte! Avoid.
  • 5552 A good Brother, though only let down on a few points. Good Yell and High SPs.
  • 5902 Very good all-round Brother. Low Creatures Killed, otherwise great.

Bear in mind I've based the descriptions of these inactive Brothers on comparisons against Titus, so when I say some of these Brothers are good I mean they are good. If you are interested in taking on another Brother, for whatever reason, don't be put off by stats which look a bit dodgy. For example Muscle and Creatures Killed are easy to increase - it's not a problem. You don't really need a high Stealth. Once you have the Teleport Spell you can get 400+ Spell Pts easily. Same applies to equipment, and so on.

The key factor with any inactive Monster is the number of make up Turns they usually have. These are very useful in emergencies and give the Brother an advantage over another Monster the same age. Given what you know you can advance much quicker than the older Brothers did! Get in touch if you are interested...


Ok, now we come to the crux of the Report. Read this carefully! Those of you in a position to do anything about it will know what's been going on regarding The MLF, The SSS and The Light, but events have become so serious that now all Brothers need to know about it. A full explanation of events would take 8 pages (I checked!), so this is severely simplified;

Vlad Zin has agreed to our terms regarding Temple X, but Brothers I've spoken to thus far think he's lying. The MLF know that it is impossible to stop a Fuvite getting the Teleport Spell once he is in Zargnoth, so that's probably what they'll try and do before they bring this up again. We will hit The MLF, though primarily only to serve as a warning...

ShadowCult, although proving useful at this point in time, still have to be watched very closely. I know for a fact that before the recent No Attack agreement came into force, ShadowCult were congregating at The Black Swan in a bid to visit Temple X and flee before we could do anything about it. They may still try to do this, so keep an eye on 'em!

Don't forget The Light are waiting for me to give them the green light on this Lightsider Temple in Zargnoth! But I'm waiting for you to tell me what you think! The fundamental question here is; could The Light ever hurt us if they got the Teleport Spell...?

The answer is almost certainly no. Even with the Teleport Spell The Light only have access to some 8 Temples. They are never going to be a threat to us. Far from it - it you were a Lightsider and Bad Company allowed you the Teleport Spell to stave off The Dark, wouldn't you be grateful? I know I would be. So what effect would such a Light Temple have?

It would empower The Light, who would then proceed to menace The Dark. Even if The Light never actually caused The Dark any physical harm, the psychological factors involved with Teleporting Lightsiders would in itself damage The Dark. They may even panic if they are stuck in Zargnoth with only Site Z left to rebuild - and we're defending it!

This is one of those times when the tactics and strategy we employ are vital. Events have once again conspired against us to take a much more ominous turn. Vlad Zin was the Monster who told me The SSS were over The Hills in the first place, and according to his KAOS source between 2 and 4 SSS members were involved. But for reasons discussed in the next section, we don't think this is true. Something wicked this way comes...


About a week ago Midg said a (confirmed) source in The SSS had made him an offer. The SSS asked him for the location of Site Y! Midg had previously said that he wanted to get even with Bad Company (remember The Black Swan), and it seems The SSS have taken him at his word. This SSS member said there were at least 8 SSS members now in Zargnoth, and they are looking for Site Y. Fuvah only knows where they are - we have to find out...

This gives us an opportunity to supply a dummy location for Site Y to The SSS via ShadowCult. Obviously this could be a trap for us! Midg may tell The SSS where the real Site Y is anyway, in an attempt to confuse us. Or we might be the victims of a ruse by both The Dark and Midg, or just one or the other. Who knows?

We play this by ear - no point in sending Brothers on some crazy ambush in Zargnoth. I've hedged our bets (so far). If The Dark believe our location then it will block their route with High Jungle, River, and more High Jungle, only to discover there is no Site, and have no option but to retrace their steps. It could waste them between 15 and 20 Turns if they fall for it hook, line and sinker. And if they don't believe us then we lose nothing, because all we're going to do is carry on doing what we're doing regardless.

I know Rønne has crossed the Hills and since he is the leader of The SSS then it's likely other SSS members will be with him. The Monster we are after is Draco #5481. If you are in Zargnoth, and within 40 squares of Temple X, then try Divining Monster #5481. If we could get a bead on them...


Here are the SSS members I know of;

Rojal Payne #2341, Gynikak Ahk Gak #3354, Draco #5481, Rasputin Darkcloak #7077, Ammerin' The Hammerin #8645, Kudos #3094, Titan #4574, Vass De Bellem #6097, Garfield #7616, Eoghan MacAdder #9391, Spunky Boyle #8167, Lisan Al-Gaib #?, Darth Vader #?, The Ancient One (#4589), Iceman #? and Finn Po Noet #3069.

I have the names of some ShadowCult members, but unfortunately not their numbers. If you can fill any of these numbers in then please do;

Midg, Shargon, Howling Mad Gav II, Fang Razorclaw, Turniptoe, Pretzel, Flurphy, Mathilda, Nestor Maimbite, Critical Barry, Scabby Hayes, Gilbert, Shadowstalker, Yomra, Blug Rucker, Nevyn, Horus, Osiris, Firenzi, Safesides, MT Bellie, Grendel, Semian Rhun, Bigears and Zarkon.


I'm not going to go into exactly who is doing what. There are some problems left to resolve, but essentially we have Titus, Tarrasque, Aspher, Arix and The Count, with Bosworth, Baddu-Bac, Hafnor, Montin, Wysdumb, Septimus and a number of other Brothers who could act as reinforcements when they are able. But briefly;

I (Titus) may assault The MLF before entering Zargnoth, with every intention of murdering as many Darksiders as possible when I get to Zargnoth. If I do hit The MLF it will be very quick, and by no means comprehensive - I haven't got enough time right now. Aspher and Arix are investigating Site Y so we should know more about this soon...

Given Count Ugolino's position he may choose to Divine and whack Trask (#2047), who it would seem, has taken it upon himself to swipe Fort III. It's entirely up to The Count - this could wait until later given the urgency of things in Zargnoth. We do need to work out where Site Z is and we haven't any Brothers in a position to do so. This is a risk. We can hope The Dark don't know about Site Z, but can we be sure unless we hold it?

And Tarrasque (Guardian X) will be with us in about a month, after he returns from an expedition in Peru! But then Titus, Tarrasque, Aspher, Arix and The Count will be in a position to whack The SSS in Zargnoth (if we find them).

O'Malley has just reported that he's located Rasputin Darkcloak and The Ancient One at The Blazing Arrowhead, and naturally he's off to track and attack Darkcloak! Good spotting. It's highly likely that these two SSS members are about to enter Zargnoth so we'll try to keep tabs on where they move. Our Teleporters can kill them if they escape O'Malley.

Finally just a note about a couple of Brothers. Wyrmbreath will be renamed Septimus Groan (Guardian VII) as I've decided to play him permanently. Look out for Magnus Groan! By the tender age of 100 this Brother will have smashed the Creatures Killed and Monsterliness records, and have the Teleport Spell! He is 87 now...but he was inactive last week!

Titus Groan

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