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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Nineteen

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GENERAL T GROAN: First thing on the agenda is a rather unfortunate move made by a couple of Brothers. I refer to Captain Baddu-Bac's and Captain Montin's attempt to take control of Bad Company behind my back. Apparently this was because Bad Company was disorganized, and was an attempt to organize it.

This I do not believe. I specifically stated in BCG17 that the next Holy Mission was to commence 15 Turns after the Sanctification of The Temple, with Brothers arriving to Rebuild about 20 Turns after said Sanctification. It was made quite clear that this Timeout was in order for Brothers to become Disciples - after all, what's the point in Rebuilding another Temple if you've got no Disciples to use it?

Apart from being low on cash, there was no point in sending out General Reports during this period - nothing happened. No significant Map or Unit changes were made until recently and so BCBns and BCUns were not circulated. If ever a Brother doesn't know what he is supposed to be doing, then he should ask his UC. That's what his UC is there for. Most Brothers would have simply repeated that stated in BCG17.

Make sure you don't let this affect The Holy Missions - they are vital.

This Report has been sent out a bit early due to that I change my address as from 20th December to Tadpole Cottage, Eardisland, Herefordshire, HR6 9AR. It will take ages for letters coming here, to reach me there - so send it there rather than here. Unfortunately this means I'm off the internet, but am on the phone again! My number is (0544) 388329. Assume I am at this address until further notice.

If you change your address over xmas, let your UC and Colonel know where you are. They need to keep The Holy Missions running during this period.

THE SOOTHSAYER [General T Groan]: If you have any questions about life on The Island, ask me. I compile information relating to just about everything. It is highly possible that I can give you an answer - though specifics like "How many WPs until I reach Pole 5" I can only tell you how to work out as I'm not about to look through 70 odd Turns.

Some Brothers have pointed out that the Unit changes cause a few problems due to Brothers having to get to know a new Unit after promotion occurs. I've come up with something that will fix this as far as possible. Status Flags. From now on the BCBn will contain a Flag which will indicate one of several options concerning promotion. All Brothers' Flags will initially be set to "Status 0". You can change them at any time but you must let me know in order for any change to be effective.

Setting Status to 0 means you want to be promoted whatever the cost as regards Unit changes.

Setting Status to 1 means you only want to be promoted if your UC remains your UC (ie, gets promoted too) OR one of the Brothers in your current Unit becomes one of the Brothers in your new Unit.

Setting Status to 2 means you only want to be promoted if your UC remains your UC AND one of the Brothers in your current Unit becomes one of the Brothers in your new Unit.

Setting Status to 3 means you are happy where you are and don't want to be promoted.

THE SPEAKER [Being decided]: [But temporarily me. We're Allied with Kabuki's Legion of The North, and will almost certainly be Allied to Blinding Dawn soon. An offer of Alliance has been made to The White Knights of Kabuki. This heavy swing towards The Light has occurred for many reasons - but primarily to consolidate our own position as regards Light and Dark.

Note that Gorth Doomdabbler is no longer Leader of THoS. The new Leader is Feral Darkfire.]

THE GURU [Sergeant Tarrasque]: [New Post. Write to this Brother if you come up with any tactical moves.]

THE SCOUT [Captain Montin]: If you have any friends who might be interested in joining Bad Company, or if you get the address of a Fuvite or non-Religious Monster then please send me the Player's name, address and Monster name. [Send him all the details you have]. As I am now dealing with Prospects any potential Brother must be handled by myself. [If for some reason you're having trouble with your Initiation then get in touch with Captain Montin and he'll try to help].

THE KEEPER [Captain Ugolino]: He has a list of items Brothers have, so if you're interested get in touch. However, you might find him handling any difficulties arising as a result of The Trade section.

THE SENATE: The Senate has been changed. The Senate is now Colonel Midg (President), Colonel Smegley (Senator), Captain Ugolino (Senator), Sergeant Claws (Senator) and Sergeant Tarrasque (Senator). Write to them if you have an idea.


General T Groan: I need a Smite Pike. I'll exchange a Silver Bone Necklace and Damaged Silver Gauntlets for one. I'll also exchange my Gator Armour for a Large Iron Shield.



let me introduce myself. I am Tarrasque The Mutant and am Sergeant of Death Squad. I have been in Bad Company for a long time - just say I have in my possession BCG1 and a letter from General T Groan dating back to August 1992.

My main characteristics are that I am ruthless, merciless, mad, Bad and proud of it. Also, I love to take the piss out of everybody and swear in all my letters (the only possible exception to which is Captain "The Count" Ugolino; how can I take the piss out of such a nice guy?)

I am a loner and only cooperate when necessary. I do give help (to Brothers), swap items and reply to 99% of my letters - the 1% are the dickheads. If you like to swap items, need any MAJOR help, practice insulting/responding to insults, write to me.

Sergeant Tarrasque (The Mutant)

Sergeant Kittusa Claws: Male Furrcat, 79 Turns old, and getting sexier by the minute.

Apart from Sergeant Claws (1125) I run Ogwin Quagmire (8634), a Mudwalker Shroud Acolyte, and Rictus (7250), a Monger and Disciple of Kabuki - a 'Leading Light' in Blinding Dawn.

[Sergeant Claws]

2nd Platoon,

Note that you ARE supposed to be searching for Temple Ruins to Rebuild - Temples are paramount. The Fort is a good idea and we are looking into merging it with the rest of The Holy Missions.

General T Groan

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