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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Eighteen A

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Righty ho lads, some of you will have noticed a silence of phenomenal dimensions. You probably read BCG18 first. This is about a month old.....and this Report really serves in part as only an extension. The other part I'll get to later.....

Is it worth it Brothers! A question I've been asking myself of late. Well, a few things have emerged that have persuaded me to get it together. Though some changes are going to have to be made - these changes are necessary as in order to continue organizing, updating and pushing the majority of the Reports I'm going to need your help.

The first change is discretion when demanding Reports. I still want to get as many Reports as I can out to as many Brothers as possible, but towards the end of the last academic year the situation was clearly insane (to me at least). The situation as it stands calls for a major revision of all Reports - most have not been updated for at least 6 months. The christmas holiday is coming up soon, and all Reports will be updated during this period. I'm going to start a list of who needs what. First on the list will get first.

Next up, Posts - there are two more. The Scout (for want of a better name), Captain Montin. Exactly what he does has yet to be decided, but will likely involve bestowing the Rank Prospect on new recruits. When these Prospects become Warriors he offered to organize their Initiation - but with BCUn coming out regularly I think the relevant UC can handle this when said Warrior moves into his Unit. He'll probably cover it in the event that relevant UC is miles away.

The Tactician. This Post has been in the pipeline for a very long time. Collecting and correlating information regarding tactics during Slugfest is fundemental. This Post will work with me during a Slugfest in deciding the best tactics. Note that other Posts also have an advisory nature. The Speaker collects information regarding Aliens. The President collects ideas on behalf of The Senate. These Posts will also be working with me during a Slugfest to minimize casualties, BUT The Tactician will be the Brother holding a Post primarily concerned with killing Monsters and obtaining victory conditions. Also of relevance are tactics concerning Structures during peaceful periods.

If you hold a Post, think carefully about the goals of that Post. If you're bored with it, want a change, or would rather let some other Brother have a go - then let me know as soon as possible. As soon as we get back on track, Posts will need to work a lot harder than before. If you are still unsure of exactly what you're supposed to be doing, ask me.

While I remember, don't forget to send me any stuff you want included in BCG19 - I want this to become the hub of Bad Company. You may think you don't have anything to say - you have! Who the hell knows you? Think about it! Out of the 30 odd Brothers we have, how many have you written to? How likely are you to fight for some Brother you've never heard of bar on some list or other? A simple one liner will alleviate this situation. Possibly describing who you are or at least what you want to do within Bad Company. Give The Senate something to do. The more you interact with your fellows, the higher the chance they'll stick by you when you need it.

Things are going to get more interesting. Before christmas there will be other Mounts. And Gods. The Region beyond Starth will be complete (though Creatures will be 3 times as tough there - can you imagine a Blood Mummy or Six-Headed Adder that hard? Though treasure might warrant venturing forth). Inns get an overhaul. Riding Lessons will be effectual. In fact they already are, but the results are hidden. Etc. I think more Structures are on their way - some like Tombs of Mumundus and Stone Crypts were never useable until now. Hopefully we'll see Towers and Forts revamped too. Though NOTE that what the programmer intends and the final result may differ.

EMERGENCY! I left this 'til last so it would stick in your head. Sergeant Wysdumb just wrote to me. Apparently Guybrush Threepwood (1952) and Cymrych (6078) attacked him at THE SACRED SITE! I can't think of words diabolical enough to describe this. At least Sgt Wysdumb did us good. I thought Osidiradadumpf stumbled into me by accident - though it struck me as a bit of a cheek. I fled from the fight as he put me under 25% Health and I was only using a Spear. Arrrrgh, the shame - though point for point, he suffered most. Furthermore, War Vic has had a similar encounter. And Sgt Wysdumb suspects that Sgt Wyrmbreath may have had a skirmish. Wrr O'Malley was also in the square, as was another Fuvite, Aspher Sverilix.

This is suspect. Even more so when you know that Threepwood, Cymrych and Osid are all Eternal Void (Shroud 740 - Terapus, Landshark, Ghoul Buzzard). I was F19 - but what are HOSTILE Void members doing at OUR SITE? I demanded an explanation from Kal Torak (their leader?) and may print a footnote to this if a reply comes soon. Note that no excuse is acceptable - but what we do depends upon the magnitude of compenstaion. To be paid in Iron.

This is what we do regardless. Kill all Void members in the vicinity. Anything holding their Totems (and ONLY those Totems - we have Dark Comrades in the area, such as Ogwin Quagmire and Quasimodo, if they haven't joined). If you can't kill them, Snatch. If you see them anywhere, tell me. Go to all possible lengths to waste them. Think ahead. Use A (Void number) orders on important squares such as The Temple, as you arrive. Try an A 740 order. Don't Camp at The Dark Eagle's Nest unless absolutely necessary - Camp on a square outside. Same applies to the Far Post. The square Northwest or North will cover the Far Post travellers, East will cover the Tomb (I've seen their Totems there), and Northeast The Temple. You could Camp at the Koma Den. Use F 19 everywhere.

If we manage to get the toads, we'll set an example of what happens when Monsters attempt to put one over on Bad Company. If we don't, we'll have just let another Group walk over us.

I'll let you know of any update on the situation as it arrives if you are involved in the assault. If you intend spending a few turns hunting, coordinate your movement with another Brother doing likewise. Depending on the situation, an extension on The Holy Missions may be made if not resolved.

*&%$(^#&^*^%"^$! Why the.....I just got a letter from Kal Torak, Leader of Void. I am NOT to attack any Void members under any circumstances? He was annoyed at the 'wittering crap' I sent him, to say the least! No compensation? That's it.

WE ARE NOW AT WAR! Attempt to destroy Void members at ANY cost. HOWEVER, we need strength now more than ever. The 2 Temples MUST go up immediately. Our Disciples need Combat Spells, and we need other havens in case this Temple is destroyed. Colonels should make sure that they have a definite 7 Brothers in each mission - only stay here to defend The Temple if your Colonel doesn't need you. Immediately after the building of the next Temples, The First Holy Crusade to conquer Void will ensue. No more than 2 turns should be spent here unless you know you're not needed for a Mission. Obtain the location of their Temple if possible. I have a sneaking suspicion it's at (100,-32), can anyone confirm this?

Although we are technically involved in a Slugfest with Void, concentrate on the Temples first. I might attempt to enlist the aid of some Light Groups to keep Void occupied before we get down there proper.

Swabber & Swoopstake!

P.S. Before you Initiate any Brother; if they do not hold the Rank Warrior then discuss it with Cpt Montin first.

General T Groan.

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