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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Fifteen

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The Ceremony Of Strength will take place on Monday 17th May at (146,-8). Be there!

'Pologies for this report instead of letters, but as you will gather later, I've no time. I've got almost 30 letters to put out tonight! 'S true...I'm on a Total Information Binge at the moment. And I must say Brothers, we are doing damned well.

But first things first. Arrive at (146,-8) on F59 Status. If all goes according to plan, our Totems will be the Tusker, Blood Mummy and Thermadon Rex...Let's hope it goes according to plan, eh? Best Totems I've heard of in over 15 Groups, those!

Confused about what to do next? Don't be. The Temple is next on the list. We should all proceed from Shrine to Temple immediately after seeing successful results on our Turnsheets. Some Brothers have already made a start. Good on ya!

Then we could Rebuild a Fort (to get a Resident Jossman Weapons Instructor), Rebuild a Tower (to see what the Tower Blurb tells us), waste THoS, etc. I'd advise against bombing East for reasons that are too complicated to put here. Suffice it to say that at least one Brother is in Starth and is having to retrace his steps. If you can't use what you find, it's a tad pointless finding it, eh?

We will need to do two things to progress. Get rich and get hard. There is no other way. Do you have any idea how much Weapon Training/Weapons over Class 5 is going to cost? No dosh, no Training. And to figure out how to make the items from Creatures in Kunbar will inevitably mean possessing the Creature's body parts, means killing the Creatures (can't buy them), means being able to kill the Creatures. Now you know that Creatures Killed/Monsters Battled is what determines what the outcome of a fight will be. If you're in Starth (or further) you aren't going to be killing 6 or 7 Creatures a turn. No. So you're not going to progress as fast as a Monster in the Westlands! But I'm not going to linger on this. Apart to stress the point that we should not split up. Individually I mean. We should travel either together, or in smaller groups of 5 or so.

So, what have I been up to? Heh, heh...Heh, heh, heh. Yes. Where to start? Let's take The Map. It's so enormous I can't send the whole thing out unless you place an order for it. First come, first serve. Actually, those who contributed get priority. We have Sacrosancts, Tainted Hollows, Kongo-Mongo Trees, Stone Crypts and even a small portion of the Crystal Hills marked out. Warrior Bosworth - SEND ME YOUR MAP! It's important! Other things I've heard of are Sunken Graveyards and Tombs of Mumundus. None on the Map though. This illustrates the point of going East too quickly. You ain't goin' in no Stone Crypt unless you can use a Lockpick. You may say, well, why not bomb East and hit the Far Structures there first?

Because the way it works is this. Far Structures sell different things depending on where they are and what you want. The Easterly Far Inns are the only (known) place to get Weird Training. The thing with some of these Far Inns is that they only sell Weird Training if you've got the necessary prerequisites. Surprise, surprise. They don't sell the necessary prerequisites. I said I wasn't going to dwell on this didn't I? Thought I'd point that out though. Another thing (aieee), you're ok for another (3rd) rank of Far Inns yet.

Where was I? The Map. 80 Far Posts, 20 Far Inns and 2 Far Forges. I can locate any Monster (not that I would!). I didn't spend all that time and effort collating that for non-Brothers.

While I remember - Warrior Baddu-Bac! Very sharp! Good thinking! Eh? Let me explain. Only 15 Brothers maximum at The Ceremony Of Strength. Thereafter, no limit - well, there might be. But let's not get technical.

What else? I changed my mind (arrrrgh). Blurbs are what I'm on about. I do now collect them. I spent the last 5 days filing what I had...I think we just popped 400. It's amazing what you can dig up! That reminds me, Digging at a Cauldi Plant nets you a Cauldron. I knew it was something like that. And LV Loggerhead Camps, don't T them. You run the risk of getting banned, plus you waste Action Points with T orders. Not to mention reducing the squares you can move later. Another use for the LV order is Koma Dens. One will suffice! Don't chain these until we've studied them properly. Once you're in, you fight 4 (or 5) snakes. If you flee, expect to run into more snakes! You've been warned! But if you insist...Good luck! May a Deed come your way. But hopefully not The Dreaded/Coveted Colours...

Er...There was more. I suppose I'll have to get on to another BCIn tomorrow. MOUNTS! Forget non-Plodders. You don't just hop on/off a Mount. There are Skills involved (like with Wrestling). Chances are, once we're competent, Fuvah will let us use the Tusker. Visit a Far Inn with a Mount for the lowdown (and Training) - a doozy example of what you're not offered without prerequisites!

And this comes straight from ol' JB (E) hisself. If I can find it. There are 40 Spells. Rafts don't figure 'til after Starth (to read it another way, forget Sailing round the Crystal Hills) - more on this later. Weapons, etc., of Level 9 exist! (And I know for a fact that there are higher Classes attainable!) Bows can't be made 'til after Starth. Awww. Creatures over 200 are special. Eh? There are other Gods.

While I'm on the subject - Vlados Xi (Vampyre Demigod) you know about. What about Gruggalos (Gargoyle Demigod) or Kadar Black (Dragon Demigod), eh? Eh?

STREWTH! I almost forgot the most important thing! I thought something was bugging me! Fuvah...Let your doubts be dispelled! Take what other people tell you with a pinch of salt unless they say the Magic Words - Fuvah's Quest For Greatness...

Unfortunately, I ain't got the Blurb. But here's what I have got. Become an Acolyte. While I'm on the subject, there may be a bug. When we go Official, we get to become Acolytes. The bug is...Even if you're an Acolyte, you get to become an Acolyte, i.e., Status Reset. Which is a problem when you know the criteria for becoming a Disciple is waste an Alien Follower - Or, Sacrificing 3 Creatures. After 12 to 18 turns of being an Acolyte (say 15), you might get the Sacrifice ability. So having a Status Reset could be a bit of a downer. I'll get on KJC's case about this, but in case I forget, don't say I didn't warn you!

I think our "Natural" opposition is the God Of Nature. Not confirmed. But if anyone sees Plants growing at high speed, let me know immediately. The Opposition has arrived! Spells, Spells, Torchlight's a good one! Let's get The Temple up lads.

Three lines left. Better not waste it. Um. About Blurbs. Mind you, it's a good idea to Rebuild a Fort. Possibly a Tower. We already know what they are for! Send me any Blurbs I haven't got. You'll get a list back. I can use PC or Amiga disks. Argh!

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