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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Fourteen

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This is it lads. What you are reading is probably the last General Report before we go Official. The purpose of this Report is just to clear up some of the things that have been rattling around in my head for a while.

The Ceremony Of Strength will take place on Monday 17th May at (146,-8). Don't be late! I'll be back at Keele just before 22nd April.

The problem with our Totems is slowly being solved. What we are aiming for are a Tusker, Blood Mummy and Thermadon Rex. These are really heavy Totems!

I've just verified the Blood Mummy Blurb. We need at least one other Brother with this Blurb though. If we don't get this Blurb before we go Official, all Brothers should be ashamed! All you need is 4 Torches, 120 Health and a Tomb...

Hopefully the Blood Mummy won't be a problem. The Tusker shouldn't be a problem either. I'll verify this before I get to The Shrine. Who else has got this Blurb?

And the Thermadon Rex Blurb is down to luck. I just noticed that Warrior Malachor has met this Creature! In the event that anyone else has, we can use it. Otherwise it's the Demon Condor if that's ok with everyone.

To minimize the risk of a blunder, can all Brothers send me a list of Creatures they have actually met? If you send a reference sheet make sure it's up to date. There is a small possibility that we might find a Creature better than the Demon Condor. Creatures we know about are...actually, I'll give you the Creature numbers we are still looking for instead. They are 115, 118, 169, 172, 173, 179, 181, 182, 185, 186, 194, 196, 197, 198 & 199. We know about all the others between 101 and 200 inclusive. I think I've got the Blurbs for most of them.

Here's a thought. If any of you are at a loose end then have a root around in some High Jungle. There may be some good Totems there. The Thermadon Rex?

Don't leave the Blood Mummy Blurb for someone else to get. If you are in a position to get this Blurb then try your best. You'll have to Loot a Tomb several times to make sure you get this Blurb. You might have to kill 4 Mummies before you reach the Blood Mummy. I don't know. It seems that way.

Use F59 when you reach The Shrine. We don't want any casualties!

And talking about casualties...we need a Speaker! He will need to sort things out with Kabuki's Legion of the North, Blinding Dawn, The Hand of Shroud, Eternal Void and another Dark Group to the North.

Obviously The Speaker will not be a casualty! I was thinking about THoS.

Brothers likely to turn up for The Ceremony Of Strength are Me (1867), Sgt Ugolino (1763), Sgt HMG II (5705), Sgt Flax (2245), War Shadowborn (2208), War Malachor (9356), War Midg (7219), War Baddu-Bac (5846), War Zivak (9803), Ppt Mazter (7461) and Ppt Quasimodo (8107). When I say likely, I mean highly likely. Be surprised if they are not there. In the event that Sgt Tarrasque (7862) remains with us then that will make a total of 12 present. Cpt Smegly (8071) and Bvt Wingerath (?) both have positions Reserved. Don't Initiate any monster without talking to me first. We may only have a single spare position, and we should fill it carefully.

Let's talk about Fuvah. There is much confusion about what the criteria for becoming a Disciple and Priest are. Some of you think that we'll just have to Kowtow at The Temple to become a Disciple. Others think that we have to kill both a Follower of Kabuki and Shroud to make it.

Think this through. Hands up those of you who remember being stumped when you found your first Shrine. C'mon! That's better. We all know that Following Fuvah was a little trickier than the other gods. This seems to indicate 2 things. Firstly that Fuvah is harder to follow than Shroud or Kabuki. Consider what he is! The God of War and Knowledge. So it would seem that Fuvah might be the most beneficial God to follow. Certainly his Spells are going to revolve around fighting and gaining knowledge. Since these are the two single most important things we do, it would seem obvious that it will be harder to advance.

The second thing also applies to that Shrine you first found. In order to get anywhere you had to have interacted with the other gods monuments. This would seem to indicate that Fuvah is not isolated and neutral, but actively involved with the other gods.

Bearing these points in mind, does it seem likely that we'll just turn up at The Temple and Kowtow to become Disciples? Why should it be easier than becoming a Disciple of another god when our progress has been slightly harder so far? The Acolyte Blurb states that "To advance to the rank of Disciple you'll need to Kowtow at one of my Temples". So what! Is that all?

Furthermore, Fuvah is notoriously ambiguous. You're not told that you need to find an Obelisk or a Prayer Stone when you turn up at a Shrine. You are not told what happens when you bring a Tablet Of Knowledge to a Temple. You are not told anything about how a Fuvah Follower may use a Tusker. But you are told exactly what you need to do by the other gods. This seems to be consistent with the idea that the best stuff is harder to get your hands on.

I'd like a Slugfest with THoS. But let's face it. We're hardly in any fit state to totally wipe them out. So I suggest we take a break of about 10 turns after The Temple is up. This will give us time to get our fighting skills up to scratch. I'm going to try an experiment that will radically alter how we fight if successful. What would you say if I told you that I intend to fight 4 Loggerheads and 4 Crobblers a turn, for 3 turns on the trot? Those of you who've fought these Creatures will know that the very idea is insane! After we've Sanctified The Temple it'll take me 5 turns to set up. And 3 turns to do. Suffice to say that I don't believe that armour is the only way to protect yourself.

Don't forget to tell me what Creatures you've found. If you are at a loose end then verify (in order of importance), the Blood Mummy, the Tusker and the Demon Condor. The Tusker is obviously the most important Totem, but it's easier to get than the Blood Mummy Blurb. And if you've met a Thermadon Rex then don't forget to let me know. Picture these Totems;

  • The Tusker: Creature (and possibly Mount) of Fuvah!
  • The Blood Mummy: The Champion Wrestler of The Island!
  • The Thermadon Rex: Killing one "takes a miracle". Even Dragons avoid it!
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