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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Thirteen

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Can all Brothers send the date on which they killed 100 Creatures to Captain Smegly so he can put them on The Log?

I am still looking for The Speaker and a Senator. And possibly a President.

The Speaker's job is to keep track of what's happening in other groups we know. He will be consulted when a decision has to be made regarding these groups. Basically he has to gague possibilities for Contracts and determine whether any given group can be trusted or not. And estimate their strength.

The Senator is part of The Senate whose job is to advise me on critical issues. Or suggest changes, etc. Helping me shape the future of Bad Company.

The President is a Senator who runs The Senate. This Post is not permanent and might be swapped between Senators depending on how much time is available. The President's job is to tell me what The Senate think (after finding out).

Any Brother with the rank of Warrior or above can take these Posts.

Right, now that's out of the way let's get down to it. I've been thinking about the possible advantage of going Official at The Temple after a couple of Brothers said they'd prefer to go Official at a Shrine.

If we go Official at a Shrine then we have more time in which to get the Blood Mummy Totem rather than be bogged down rebuilding. The rebuilding bonus we lose for not being Official whilst rebuilding The Temple doesn't bother me, but timing both Ceremonies just right is another problem.

So this is The Final Plan. What you read here will actually take place without further ado.

Stage 1: From now until Monday 17th May, Brothers should attempt to get the Blood Mummy Blurb. Let's see those Tombs hit hard!

Stage 2: Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II has found a Shrine at (146,-8). That is where we are going Official. Before we go Official, make sure you have as many Brothers on your No Attack List as possible. And when you arrive at The Site use F59 status as Brothers you don't know may be present.

The Ceremony Of Strength will take place on Monday 17th May. If you are not at The Site (146,-8) at that time then you will have to be Initiated. Make absolutely sure that you are there by that date. End all turns at The Site until you see successful results on your turnsheet.

Then we will rebuild The Temple. There are Plodders (also found by Sgt HMG II) near The Temple. If you have no Mount then Train a Plodder to use for rebuilding.

Brothers invited to The Ceremony Of Strength are;

  • Me (1867),
  • Sgt Ugolino (1763),
  • Sgt Howling Mad Gav II (5705),
  • Sgt Flax (2245),
  • Wrr Sadowborn (2208),
  • Wrr Midg (7219),
  • Wrr Malachor (9356),
  • Wrr Baddu-Bac (5846),
  • Bvt Mazter (7461).

Don't be surprised to see;

  • Bvt Zivak (9803),
  • Ppt Quasimodo (8107).

And 2 positions are Reserved for;

  • Cpt Smegly (8071),
  • Ppt Wingerath (?),

Who will both be here around the time we finish The Temple.

If you think you might miss it then arrive there a turn sooner than you normally would. That's it for now.

Just an afterthought. If any of you find yourselves in the situation where you want to say something to another Brother, but it doesn't warrant an entire letter, then contact me and I'll put messages through BGGn's.

General T Groan

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