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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Twelve

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Righty ho Brothers, Wrr Baddu-Bac has just found us a Shrine. Any Neophyte in the vicinity should attempt to become an Acolyte there. There may also be a Shrine near The Temple as both an Obelisk of Shroud and a Kabuki Prayer Stone have been found there.

As I will be an Acolyte by the end of this turn there will be 5 of us. One more and we can Sanctify The Temple.

All Brothers not verifying the Blood Mummy Totem or becoming an Acolyte should proceed to The Temple and help rebuild it.

But on to Totems. Wrr Malachor has found our Primary Totem which is also a Fuvian Creature! Good, eh? It's a Tusker and we suspect it might be possible to use it as a Mount. Don't be surprised if you see Brothers arriving at The Temple on Tuskers!

The Secondary Totem should be a Blood Mummy as it's The Champion Wrestler. But this Totem is much harder to verify as you can never be sure you will meet one down a Tomb. Any Brothers in the vicinity of a Tomb should expend all Torches doing this. This turn I plunder a Tomb 4 times so hopefully I'll get the Blurb. Sgt Tarrasque also has the Blurb so we should be ok. But we need at least another 2 Brothers down Tombs to ensure that we have the best possible chance to get this Blurb. If you are near the Southern Tomb or the Cave then see if there are Strawbin Bushes nearby. The fact that we have to travel back to the last Far Post to get more Torches is a real problem.

The Tertiary Totem will almost certainly be a Demon Condor. Although if any Brother finds a Jagwere we could use this as Sgt Howling Mad Gav II has just found one. If any Brother has the Thermadon Rex Blurb then let me know. We could use this in place of the Blood Mummy if we don't get its Blurb verified.

Before you get to The Temple write to Sgt Flax to let him know how many APs you can put into rebuilding. Make sure he knows what you are doing. Otherwise we might get several Brothers putting 100+ APs into a rebuilt Temple! Sgt Flax should be able to tell you when to stop if we all cooperate, which may save you wasting APs.

It is possible that The Temple may be Sanctified in 6 turns time. All Acolytes should make sure they are at The Site by then. If you are an Acolyte involved in The Sanctification then remember to end all turns at The Temple until you see the results of The Sanctification on your turnsheet.

If we are still waiting for Brothers to arrive then Sgt Flax will perform The Ceremony Of Sanctification. If all invited Brothers are present and all Totems have been verified then I will perform The Sanctification.

This is because of the delay involved with Sgt Flax's turnarounds and other communication. If there is a delay because all invited Brothers are not present then this won't matter. Note that Brothers must have made all attempts to get to The Site in time, otherwise they will be excluded from The Ceremonies and Initiated. If Brothers are travelling to The Site as fast as they can then we will wait.

If all Brothers are present and waiting then I will do both Ceremonies. The Ceremony Of Sanctification will be performed on Cycle 1, immediately followed by The Ceremony Of Strength on Cycle 3 or 4. Any Brother who has a Cycle of 4 or more will see both Ceremonies held 'Tween Turns.

If the Blood Mummy Totem is verified within 5 turns then there is absolutely no reason why we can't be Official in 6 turns time.

Fuvah willing we will have the best Totems on The Island and also be the first group ever to form at a Temple!

One other point. It is likely that 11 Brothers will turn up for The Ceremonies. Another 3 positions will probably be Reserved for Brothers to be Initiated in the future. At least 2 positions are definitely Reserved. That means 7 Prospects will be going for a maximum of 2 positions. Under no circumstances Initiate Brothers without speaking to me about it first. You may be using Reserved positions. Prospects who wish to remain with us after all positions are full will be allowed to do so. They will gain access to our Temples, etc. They will be classified as full Brothers although they won't gain any Totems or Group Caches/Xfers, etc.

In this fashion we will build Bad Company into a group consisting of more than 15 Brothers. These Unofficial Brothers will be used to compensate for Dropouts but not Deaths. When a Death occurs the position will automatically be Reserved for The Ghost. Crimes against Unofficial Brothers will be treated as with Official Brothers. In case you're thinking "Why bother?", these Unofficial Brothers will be in exactly the same position as we are in now. They will benefit from Reports and Support and the like. It will be utterly advantageous for both us and them. And remember that since they have no Totems they are to some extent, incognito. Of course, this will only ever apply to Fuvian Followers. Non-Fuvian Comrades can never sign up.

Finally, there are 2 other things we need doing, one immediately.

Bad Company requires a Speaker. The Speaker will be expected to interact with alien groups on behalf of Bad Company. This is an extremely important Post as The Speaker is instrumental in decisions regarding alien groups, from Contracts to Slugfests. Skills required are a high degree of patience and especially good diplomatic ability. The Speaker will also be our voice through MIAB. Interested Brothers get back to me as soon as possible. Incidentally there are 5 alien groups that The Speaker, The Senate and myself will be involved with.

After we've gone Official I need a Brother to accompany me Southeast for a very long way. We'll be travelling to Initiate Cpt Smegly and possibly Ppt Wingerath. If you are interested then get in touch.

That's it for now. See you all in a few turns!

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