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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Eleven

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First of all we'll start with the results of BSC3. The new Ranks and Posts are on the enclosed BCB7. Troops, Sections and Support were voted back in by 75% of all Brothers who used BCS3. Although Support and Missions won't be in operation until Troops and Sections have been sorted out.

Now's the time to get in touch with Troop Commanders if you have any preferences!

The Senate has now become advisory only, through a massive majority of votes. That is not to say that Senators are no longer needed. They will be important in guiding the future of Bad Company. Cpt Smegly is looking for another Senator. If you want the Post get in touch as soon as possible and put your case to him.

The next thing on the agenda is the sheer size of Bad Company. There are 10 full Brothers, 9 of which will be involved in The Ceremony of Strength. We have 2 Brevet Warriors who may also make the grade. But the surprize is that we have 10 Prospects! One is not on BCB7.

Obviously not all of them will get in as we can afford to be extremely selective about who we recruit now. There are a definite 10 positions taken in Bad Company (assuming all Brothers continue to contribute to The Cause), the other 5 are up for grabs. We're going to have a waiting list! And not before time.

THoS have replied, stating that they will comply with our demands. Whether they will or not remains to be seen. The Senate will convene to decide what our response will be in either case. Until a decision has been made do not assume they are hostile. Lobbing Fart Bombs at them is not advised! Mentioning no names of course. Let's just say that Wrr Malachor could do with knowing where the nearest Who-sac Shrub is...

With regard to Comrades. You can do what you want to them as long as they are not Fuvites. Don't attack Fuvian Comrades. They may eventually become Brothers.

A Contract of Alliance may soon be drawn up with Kabuki's Legion of the North. Until such a Contract exists, don't hassle them. They may be future Allies.

The Grand Plan has been finalized. Our Primary Totem is definitely a Blood Mummy. At least 3 Bad Brothers should get this Blurb before we go Official. There is a Tomb on BCMn. If you attempt to get this Blurb, loot the Tomb over 2 turns to maximize your chances of getting it. You may only find it on the second turn.

Our Secondary Totem is definitely a Demon Condor. At least 3 Brothers should locate this Creature on BCMn before we go Official.

The last Totem is still arbitrary. A Grizzly Hedgehog, a Gator and a Terapus are all being considered. If you find any good Creatures in Kunbar then let me have the Blurb along with your recommendation of whether or not we should use it.

The next thing we need to do is rebuild The Temple at (150,-9). Contact Sgt Flax as soon as possible if you are not specifically looking for Totems. When the thing is finally up, we will attempt to Sanctify it. We will need 6 Acolytes to do this. We've only got 3 or 4. Therefore we must find a Shrine at which at least 3 Neophytes can become Acolytes. There is a chance that Shrines might occur most frequently between Far Structures. Any Brother in the vicinity of The Dark Eagle's Nest should attempt to check the unexplored squares between that and the last Far Post. Just to make sure.

After The Temple has been Sanctified we will attempt The Ceremony Of Strength. The Brothers that are invited are Sgt Ugolino, Sgt HMG II, Sgt Flax, Sgt Tarrasque, Wrr Shadowborn, Wrr Malachor, Wrr Midg and Wrr Baddu-Bac. Prospects will most likely attend if they manage to become Warriors in that time.

In the event that The Ceremony Of Sanctification goes horribly wrong, we will retire to The Shrine (when it's found). To ensure that no Ceremony goes wrong use the following technique. When a Ceremony is about to be held, always end movement in the appropriate square until you know that it has been successfully completed. Never risk ending movement in another square, and always make sure you get Turncards in on time. If all Brothers follow the above guidelines, both Ceremonies will go quickly and smoothly.

So you should be doing one of three things. Verifying a Totem we've decided on. Looking for a Shrine and the last Totem. Or helping to rebuild The Temple.

If you are involved in any king of exploration, always use diagonal movement. You find more. Zigzagging covers more squares than horizontal/vertical movement. Linear diagonal movement covers more squares than zigzagging. Whenever possible maximize the chances of finding something. But don't zigzag through explored squares. It is always better to cover unexplored squares horizontally/vertically than to zigzag through explored squares.

A last word about exploring. If you come up with a duff turn, don't assume that I don't want the map! You are helping other Brothers from possibly wasting time if you send it on. Lot's of you have been disappointed by the lack of things to kill in Kunbar. This is probably not because you are in Kunbar, but because you are in Jungle! If you are looking for the last Totem, avoid Jungle. Otherwise we restrict the Creatures we can find.

It is absolutely essential that all Brothers attending either The Ceremony Of Sanctification or The Ceremony Of Strength send me their maps immediately after every turn. If I don't know where you are, I can't count on you to attend either Ceremony. If you haven't kept me up to date with where you are, then any Ceremony might be held without you. As long as you keep me up to date with where you are (or your Troop Commander), and make your best effort to get where you're supposed to be, no Ceremony will be held without you.

Any of you wondering about the time scale? The Temple will be up in approximately 6 turns. Asuming we get The Ceremony Of Sanctification out of the way without any trouble (which means having 6 Acolytes there by the time it's finished), then we will be Official within 8 turns. This may happen sooner if we find a Shrine in the next week or two.

That's it for now. If you want to know how you can best help the operation then ask me.

My address will be Tadpole Cottage, [REMOVED]. Between 13th March and 13th April (approximately). Don't cut it too fine. See ya there!

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