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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Ten

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Right Brothers, listen up. I've said this loads of times so I'm only going to repeat it once more. Bad Company only works when all Brothers cooperate. The response to the exploration of Kunbar was pathetic. Out of 14 Brothers, only 2 have bothered using the system outlined in BCG9. Those 2 are Warrior Midg and Warrior Malachor.

So we haven't got very far in our attempt to find Totems or The Shrine. I'll talk about these later, but first of all I want to get something straight. We'll be going Official in about 6 turns. And there is no way that Brothers who are not fully committed to Bad Company are going Official with the rest of us. Island together with Bad Company costs me an average #14 and 20 hours per week. More importantly it costs me muchos Oculars in Support. I don't mind doing this for Brothers who are prepared to participate. I do mind doing it for those who aren't. It's not the money or time, it's the principle of the thing.

Of course this doesn't apply to all Brothers, or you wouldn't see me for dust. And I'm not going to disband Bad Company because I'd be letting the committed Brothers down.

Besides, I'm not prepared to risk our chances in a Slugfest on whether or not half hearted Brothers can be bothered to turn up or not.

Don't get me wrong. If you haven't got much time (like Sgt Ugolino) that's ok. And if you live abroad so the post takes ages to get here and back, thats ok too. And if you can't afford the postage or envelopes or whatever, that's ok too. I'll send you what you need rather than see you leave because you can't afford it. What I'm talking about are Brothers who can't be bothered to participate.

Enough of this. Suffice to say that Brothers who don't (not can't) pull their weight will be kicked out of Bad Company. That is the last time I'm going to mention this. If you can't handle the pace of Bad Company, there are plenty of slack groups out there who need more members!

Now on to current events. For those of you who are (or are about to start) exploring Kunbar, note that any BCMIIIn sent out prior to this is probably duff. I noticed an anomaly when I tried to waste some Loggerheads, namely that I wasn't at their Camp. What happened was the last Far Post on BCMIn should have been located 1 square East. Thus all of Wrr Midg's mappage is 1 square West of where it should be. This has now been rectified and all the relevant stuff should be in with this.

We have several possible Totems. Cpt Tarrasque has found a Blood Mummy in a Tomb. This Creature is The Champion Wrestler On The Island. I've heard reports that they can withstand 80+ damage, and they can definitely stop you dead in your tracks. Several Brothers should take time out to get this Blurb. You might have to explore a Tomb on 2 consecutive turns to get the Blurb. This is currently our Primary Totem.

Sgt Howling Mad Gav II has found another promising Totem. A Demon Condor. As soon as I get its location we'll need a couple of Brothers to get its Blurb.

There are only a couple of possibilities for the Tertiary Totem, none of which are particularly stiking. A Crobbler (ok), A Grizzly Hedgehog (ok) and a Gator (ok). We'll have to use one of these in the event that we can't get anything better.

When you send me Blurbs for potential Totems, give me some idea of how Bad the Totem is. How much damage it did and took, etc. With any luck we'll have all The Totems sorted in a few turns.

But we still haven't found a Shrine, though I know they are found in Kunbar. There is a change to the BCG9 plan. According to The Holy Rulebook we can form Bad Company proper at a Temple (page 16), so if possible we'll hold The Ceremony at The Temple at (150, -9). We'll be better off performing The Ceremony at a Temple for reasons I'll explain later. Because of this try and keep exploration to within 4 turns of that spot as it is The Ceremonial Site assuming we can do the following:

Rebuild The Temple. This is The First Holy Mission and Sgt Flax is HMC1. Get in touch with him if you can help.

Unfortunately rebuilding the thing is the least of our problems. In order to do The Ceremony there we need to Sanctify it. I have been led to believe that 6 Acolytes can do this, and I'll make sure of this as soon as possible. I think that these Acolytes need not be members of a group, so if we can Sanctify The Temple, we can perform The Ceremony there.

Problem is we haven't got 6 Acolytes. Although I'm not sure as I haven't had updates of some Brothers BCT's for a while. Therefore we must find a Shrine at which at least 2 more Brothers can become Acolytes. Incidentally, and I won't swear to this, I think almost all Shrines are located in Jungle or Palms. If any Brothers are in the vicinity of the last Shrine then attempt to become an Acolyte if it won't take long. Once (if) we manage to Sanctify The Temple we're laughing. I'll send in the Sanctification order followed immediately by the Group Setup Card. With any luck you'll see both events happen on the same 'Tween Turn.

So why is it better to form Bad Company at a Temple? For the same reason as we should have good Totems. It might not make any difference. Then again, it might. Better to be safe than sorry where statistical increases are concerned.

But there is another reason. Rather than spend the next 6 turns exploring Kunbar, we can spend the next 6 turns exploring Kunbar and rebuilding The Temple. It will save us time rather than hanging around for several turns rebuilding it after we've gone Official. Thus as soon as we go Official, we all become immortal.

Which may be necessary. I don't know how much you all know about our dealings with other groups, so you may or may not know the following. We are in contact with 2 other groups. Kabuki's Legion of the North and The Hand of Shroud. KLotN are very receptive and send us much information. Although no Contract has yet been drawn up I'd take it as a personal insult if any KLotN members were killed for no reason. It is almost certain that a Contract will be drawn up with them so you might as well N 748 now.

On the other hand THoS are far less receptive. At this point I'll just mention that I forgot who I sent the letter to with their membership list on. I need it back as soon as possible to confirm sightings. Don't forget, it's important. Anyway, this THoS agreed to a preliminary information exchange and were sent BCMI6 (I think). Since BCMI6 is now defunct this was a good idea. It was also pointed out that if any Contract was drawn up with THoS, we would help in fights apart from if KLotN were involved whereupon we would remain neutral. Sounds fair to me.

However, recently I received their reply. They refused to give us their map information but said they would swap item lists instead. Take one look at their list and you'll see why they're so keen to swap! For example, Gator Armour was not on the list. This means one of three things. Either they lied, or all their members are inexperienced, or they are unorganized. Any of which is good for us.

So they were given an ultimatum. Reply by March 1st or be considered hostile by Bad Company. I'll let you know what happens.

Which is why getting this Temple up now is so important. When The Temple is up all death will mean is that you are awarded The Company Colours! And death will certainly be on the cards if we engage in a Slugfest. Another critical reason is that as soon as The Temple is Sanctified we can hold The Ceremony. Going Official will mean Statistical Increses, Group Caches and becoming an Acolyte. It is obvious how the first two things would be to our advantage during a Slugfest. But perhaps less obvious is all of us being Acolytes, which would be our main advantage! Let me explain.

In order to become a Disciple (correct me if I'm wrong Acolytes!) we must kill either Followers of The Light or Dark. Which means we get both the DL and DD standing orders. Some of you will already know that Followers of The Dark only get the DL standing order. There is to my knowledge no DF standing order. This is good. Now some of you may also have wondered why you don't always kick monsters in when you are using F19 Status. It's because two monsters fight only if both have F1x Status. Possibly if one has F2x Status or even F3x Status, but the point is that if we issued F59 Status, it would be impossible for any monster with F1x Status to attack us. "What!" I hear you scream, "avoid combat? Lynch him quickly before he says another word!"

Not so fast! If we issued the DD order we could attack them (indeed we would always attack on sight), but they could not attack us unless they Tracked us. Some of you will have realized that attepting to Track a monster is futile. Even in the unlikely event that you guess where he is and successfully Track him the final two squares, he may have dug himself a Hidey Hole in which case it's useless.

So all Non Fuvian Followers could do is defend themselves. One advantage of Following Fuvah I suppose! Heh, heh. Technically we wouldn't need to do this to crush them, but I think the gross insult it represents would send them up the wall. We would hardly be an itch they couldn't scratch, rather a barrage of invisible bricks to the head.

But March 1st is not here yet. They may send us what we want. Personally I hope they don't as we're going to have to think about becoming Disciples after we go Official. THoS could be the road to Spells if you get my meaning.

Remember not to attack them unless we engage in a Slugfest though. Myself and The Senate are currently exploring some rather subtle alternatives to all out Slugfest. Which may or may not come off. And don't mention any of what I've said to anyone who is not Bad Company. Don't want anyone getting unnecessarily agitated, do we?

Keep your eyes peeled for a Tuvian Plant and let me know as soon as you find one. Tuvian Shovels are essential for digging Pits with.

On to other stuff now. Sgt Flax has set the standard to beat. He is first entry in Bad Company History, and rightly so. This Brother has no Armour to speak of and crap weaponry, but did this stop him going for a Deed? The hell it did! But not content with a poxy Worthy Deed, Sgt Flax forged the way forward with an awesome Heroic Deed. Which proves that they're not impossible to get, so they won't be made easier. This made me realize why Support is necessary. It's just not right that such a Brother only has poor equipment at his disposal.

So Troops, Sections and Support are back in temporarily. If the results of BCS3 are pro Troops, Sections and Support, they will be mandatory for all Brothers. If BCS3 are against these then they will still be brought back, but only to those who wish to use them. As several Brothers pointed out, it's a good system so why not use it?

All Brothers who want to use this system should organize their Troops and Sections now. Don't forget to tell me what's going on though! I'll keep a list of interested Brothers here so you know who to contact. At the moment we only have a single Section (SC Cpt Smegly). And a single Troop (TC Sgt Flax). There is space for one more Warrior in Sgt Flax's Troop, so contact him if you're interested. And Cpt Smegly is short an entire Troop.

Since Cpt Smegly is not here yet, I'm prepared to stand in for Support, etc, for his Troops. So if he offers you a deal, he can back it up with Support, and although he won't be Supporting you, you'll still have to pay him for Support in the form of some future Section Mission.

Don't forget to let me know where you are! This applies to all Brothers, not just those involved in exploration. And what you're doing. How can I organize going Official if I don't know where you are?

Notice The All-New Groovy Logo? This is available to all brothers upon receipt of a BCT, a photocopied map (all of it, including all relevant data), and something interesting. I'll do customized individual headers eventually, with Rank, Troop/Section and Post details for Brothers who need them, and deserve them. But this won't be for quite a while yet. Thinking about it, I've got an entire month free soon! Which reminds me, I'll be at the other address from approximately March 13th to April 13th so don't send things here during that period. And if you want to discuss things with me directly during said period, the phone number is [REMOVED].

Incidentally, if any of you use the RS standing order, both myself and Sgt Ugolino (The Keeper) could use copies of these sheets.

And note that both BCCLn's and BCPLn's will only be circulated amongst Brothers who contribute to them. A significant amount of time and money goes into updating and circulating these. Contrary to what I said in BCG9 these will become a permanent addition to The Reports for those who help with them. Which amounts to photocopies of your turnsheet maps.

I do believe that just about wraps it up for now. Send me details of any THoS members if you encounter them. Lives could depend on it. And the next BCBn will be available as soon as all BCS3's are in. Deadline for these is March 5th.

One last thing. The estimated date at which The Ceremony will take place is May 10th if things go according to plan. If any Brother could tell Sgt Flax the state of disrepair of The Temple at (150, -9) he'd no doubt appreciate it. If you're passing, check out the King Ock Mushroom Grove nearby. It's really bugging me. I saw it through a Spyglass!...For one horrible minute I thought the printer had bust. Phew!

Swabber & Swoopstake, General T Groan

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