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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Five

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Just a short explanatory note for those of you who were wondering where I'd got to. You just wouldn't believe the work I've had recently. I've got a letter here from 22nd October! Not from any of you though.

Right now listen up! Although Bad Company is a pretty slack group right now, it won't be for much longer! When we get together we're going to be a bloody tight outfit! Some of the groups we're going to be facing boast members far in advance of any of us. The only advantage we have is in our organization.

It's getting to the stage where it is really difficult to remember exactly who I've written to and what I've said. Have any of you asked for the BCB lately? At the last count there were 12 or 13 names on it! And it's going to get to the stage where we have 15 Brothers with even more Comrades before you realize what happened.

I'm going to send out a BCB and BCC to all Brothers very soon. I want you to pay special attention to the Support system. What is going to have to happen is that each Rank becomes responsible for his henchmen. I am not just talking about Missions and the like, I mean for virtually all aspects of the group. Letters,information,Support,Everything.

Up until now Ranks have been meaningless in any practical sense. That is about to change. The reason for this,apart from the fast accelerating membership, is that we are very close to forming. I can remember a few months ago we only had around 2 or 3 Brothers!

I'll give you a brief rundown of the Brothers likely to make it to The Ceremony of Strength:

  • Me: Because I'm very close to the Site now,
  • Captain Ugolino: As I suspect he's very close to the border,
  • Sergeant HMG II: As he's even nearer the Site than I am,
  • Sergeant Flax: I think he's just reached Kistar's Far Post,
  • Warrior Shadowborn: Is 32 squares above the border,
  • Warrior Smegly: Assuming he moves fast enough,
  • Brevet Warrior Midg: If he gets in properly,
  • Comrade Ringhals III: If he converts.

Right, now I've been recruiting for long enough! Send me the names and addresses of any likely monsters you've not beaten up, that are in your vicinity. If possible, use an F59 status to get new recruits. Only pick monsters that have a decent attitude! Preferably enthusiastic.

I'm strictly on F19 from now on! My first real attempt at a Worthy Deed is coming up! Heh,heh.

Now for the updates:

BCC3: You need this.

BCB4: And this.

BCMI4/BCMII4: All this has changed again. Much addition.

BCL3: Captain Ugolino makes his debut! Bet I'll get the first Bars...

BCR1: Eh? It's a Creature list! Saves time reading maps.

BCI3: I think everyone's got this by now?

BCE4: Some of you like me, are fascinated by the smallest detail on the Island. Others aren't! For the fanatics among you, I was wrong! There is still no known Elixir to improve Stealth. It just isn't available in the Mor region! I must have a list of 6 or 7 Far Inns,and it ain't on any. I have found out how to use the last known unknown Elixir! Spooky! If you really need to have BCE4,I'll send it to you, otherwise wait for BCE5. I say this because I've got Items 86,95,306,335,336,337 & 347 coming very soon. 86 and 95 should be interesting! The rest will be silver and iron stuff.

We should avoid deadlines (contemptable), but if the response to BCS2 is as crap as that of BCS1 then we're going to need them.

Any Brothers who want in on the First Holy Mission, get in touch with Sergeant Flax because he's the one who'll probably wind up organizing it. Only Fuvah knows what the benefits of this will be!

Got to go now as my eyeballs are hanging out of their sockets. It's 7 in the morning!

General Groan

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