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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report 1

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Greetings Brothers. This is the first of hopefully many General Reports.

The purpose of these reports is simply to let you know what is currently happening. Since we now have 6 Brothers, all in the surrounding area, it's easier for me to keep you all up to date if I don't have to continually type the same thing out. I forget who I've sent what to, as most of you have probably gathered. Right, now there are 3 things that really need doing as soon as possible. If any of you can help Bad Company then all Brothers benefit.

1: The Ceremony Of Strength; This isn't far off now! It will be held at a Shrine of Fuvah on the Upper/Central Jagged Mor/Kunbar region. Get there as soon as possible and we will have ourselves a group! It is in your interests as well as everyone elses, as I believe that all Blurbs are then shared. Forget fiddling with your stuff, as another Brother is bound to have the Blurb you need.

2: Enlistment; We are still 2 short! Ain't no group without 8 Brothers...

Try an F59 status to get new members, and write to every monster you meet. Tell them about Bad Company. If they seem OK then tell them to write to me or Captain Ugolino. If they turn out to be idiots, or don't write back, then don't be shy with the Death Threats Brothers! We need a few victims as Bad Company's kills amount to Zilch.

3: Um...I forgot! I'll come back to this if I remember...

All the information I think you could possibly find useful will be kept on forms. If you need a form, give me the Identification Code as it saves time, and you'll get it. Read what each one is for carefully!

Bad Company Turn Report (BCT): I will send all of you a few of these as soon as I can. You are not obliged to complete it, or anything for that matter, but it will help the Council decide who deserves what. If you don't keep us informed then we can't help you. Your statistics will be used to see who needs help in specific areas. Any Worthy Deeds will be duly noted!

Another thing; If I know approximately where you are I can try and locate you relative to other Brothers who may be near you. I have a few maps here which could help.

Try and send them in after every turn? If you want the information you give to be confidential then just say.

Bad Company Special Report(BCS): This is basically a questionnaire so we know that you're happy with what's going on. You don't need to ask for them as they will automatically be sent out when they're ready. If there are any questions you would like included then tell me, as the results are given back to all Brothers. BCS1 out soon!

Bad Company General Report(BCG): To keep you all up to date! If you want a message put out on the next General Report then tell me, as it will save you telling each Brother individually. This is another reason why you should fill in your Turn Report, as stuff you need will be mentioned in the relevant General Report. Currently BCG1.

Aaargh! Got it!

3: Communication; Write to your Brothers! They want to hear from you! If any of you want to get together for Missions or whatever, then I should be able to tell you who's best equipped to do what. Incidentally, the first Holy Mission will be to rebuild a Temple to Fuvah! Volunteers?

Bad Company Log(BCL): Details of any Worthy Deeds are recorded here. Yet another reason for which to fill in the Turn Report. I've thought about the possibility that the Council might award Medals for the best Worthy Deeds, and I'll personally sort you out with something you want, for any Heroic Deeds. Currently empty but I'll get back to you on this...

Bad Company Code (BCC): Basically what the group is about. It's always changing subtly, so every now and then ask for another copy. Don't forget to include the Identification Code as then I'll know if you have the latest update. Currently BCC1.

Bad Company Brotherhood (BCB): Name, Rank and Number. All addresses are recorded here. Make sure that your number is on this list! Currently BCB1.

Bad Company Maps(BCMn):Get yours now! Currently BCMI1 & BCMII1.There are already 10 Far Structures on them, plus buckets more. Creature lists are available on request, but please don't ask unless you need them, as I haven't worked them out yet! The maps will expand rapidly as more Brothers get here.

Bad Company Intelligence Report(BCX):Everything we know which could help you will be on here. If you have any information send it to me or Captain Ugolino. You will have to ask for the current update! Currently BCX0! Out soon. There might be something about Mounts on here if you're lucky. Voodoo also coming soon. Any source will be credited.

Bad Company Holy Missions (BCM): This will contain any Missions, whether just being planned or actually in progress. I've mentioned the only one we have planned so don't ask for this yet! Currently BCM1.

Bad Company Black List(BCBL): Empty, thank Fuvah! Let's hope it never gets past BCBL0,eh?

Bad Company Hit List (BCHL): Unfortunately empty, so currently BCHL0. As soon as we've 8 Brothers we'll start filling this up, ok?

Remember to include the relevant Identification Code of any stuff you want. For example, if you want to see if the latest version of the Bad Company Code is out then ask for BCC2. That will prevent me from sending you the same thing twice.

If you are a new Brother then you may find that there is something that you haven't got yet. If you don't put the number in then I'll send you the latest copy, so if you wanted the latest copy of the Bad Company Code, you would ask for BCC. Don't do this if you've already got a copy of something as you might get the same thing twice. Use the method above.

I think that's about it for now. Oops, there is one other thing. Hassle KJC about the Newsletter! They reckon that the program won't send it out, which just has to be B******s! I reckon that the editor is just a slacker, as no mistake takes 4 months to fix! I have asked them if we can produce it together, but don't get your hopes up. We have a better chance of getting it if you write though. If we did get the job then obviously we wouldn't be free to make it a vehicle for Bad Company, but we'd certainly get known, eh?

Don't forget to Party!

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